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16/8 diet causing stomach ulcer

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EasterBuns Thu 18-Jun-20 21:34:19

After only two weeks on the 16/8 diet (sometimes more like 18/6) I had stomach ulcer symptoms. Had a gp consultation and they went through the different reasons I could’ve got the ulcer and she asked if I had been missing meals. I explained the diet and she said that could be the cause. I am significantly overweight so rather than telling me not to do this diet she said I may need to be on protein pump inhibitors whilst on it.
Has anyone else had similar problems, I don’t like the idea of needing drugs to stay on this diet but it’s the only thing I’ve found that works?

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LeGrandBleu Fri 19-Jun-20 00:41:01

I don't think fasting is causing your ulcer but aggravating it. Ulcers are mainly caused by a bacteria , h.pylori, and a course of antibiotic can easily solve that. Or some medication also cause ulcers.

Did she did any test to rule out h. pylori? Using a pomp inhibitor might help but damage your gut in the long run as studies have shown to alter gut bacteria.

Are you on any medication? Do you smoke or have a lot of milk?

EasterBuns Fri 19-Jun-20 10:50:02

No medication or smoking and only have milk in coffee. No tests done, just prescribed the drugs.

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LeGrandBleu Fri 19-Jun-20 11:31:02

Hum.... read here

I would request to combine the Pump inhibitor with an antibiotics. My dad suffered of ulcers for years and only after jars and jars of omeprazole was he given a single course of antibiotics and it fixed it. He is now however paying the price of intestinal issues (with more than 10 years of pump inhibitor) .

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