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18/6ers - did you get there gradually?

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TheFrendo Sat 22-Feb-20 15:34:09

Do it gradually...

Tomorrow, push back the time that you break your fast by one hour. Extend that by another hour each day until you hit your target window.

You could try cream in your coffee instead of milk. There are minimal carbs in cream and it could be that your body is craving carbs.

Changednamealready Fri 21-Feb-20 17:43:02


I was going 16:8 found it very helpful, I started off with 12:12 first. I got used to coffee being black. I’ve now got into it being milk again. It took me about two weeks to no longer feel deprived. I also have a coffee machine and enjoyed the crema on the black coffee which helped. That’s just my two pennies worth.

Good luck

Anjelika Fri 21-Feb-20 17:01:06


Am really wanting to try 18/6 but just wondering whether those who are doing it got there gradually or went straight in. The book I've just read talks about 12/12 and 14/10 but can't find any references to them either of these on here. I probably do 12/12 naturally so think I could aim for 13/11 then 14/10. Is this what people do?

Also I cannot go without coffee first thing but can't stand black coffee. Any tips? Should I just try less milk for a while?

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