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'Normal' days

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ThankYouDebbie Fri 21-Jun-19 10:11:41

I've been on the 5:2 for about 18 months now. When I started I was reasonably 'good' on the non-fast days and super-strict on the fast days and I've lost more than the original stone I was planning.

Now I'm sort of just maintaining, I notice that if I really don't care (within reason) what I have on the non-fast days I just stay at the same weight really - I might go down a pound or two in a week but then put it back on over the weekend sort of thing.

SummerInSun Thu 20-Jun-19 14:53:13

Look at 5:2 thread number 85. That's the best place to get info about it and ask people doing it for their experiences.

Dlah Wed 19-Jun-19 21:33:09

Considering doing the 5:2. From what I'm reading, it says no real restriction on the 5 normal days but is that basing it on the fact they assume people will eat 2000 calories or just what you fancy (without full on taking the mick)?

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