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16:8 and protein powder

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cheesenpickles Sun 09-Jun-19 14:33:11

Hi everybody, I've just started out doing IF and was wondering if anybody uses protein powder as part of it?

I struggle to get protein into my diet and would prefer to do OMAD and maybe breaking my fast/ have lunch with a protein shake rather than being tempted by processed carbs?

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Blondebakingmumma Tue 11-Jun-19 11:49:06

Hi 👋
You started this thread a couple of days ago. How’s it going?
I am on my second day of 16:8. I have been a little hungry and irritable, but otherwise not too bad.
I haven’t been using protein powder, but have been breaking my fast with bacon, eggs, avocado and salad. I’m trying to get protein, healthy fat and nutrients.
Did you end up buying protein powder?

cheesenpickles Tue 11-Jun-19 14:14:19

I haven't taken the plunge yet (it's a bit of a confusing minefield to be honest). I'm about day 5 so far and doing OMAD but yesterday I really struggled to hit my calories. As much as I'd love to go full Keto I don't think the bank balance will allow it.

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