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Blood Sugar Diet and Fast800 thread 14

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thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 13-Mar-19 19:48:45

Here’s the new thread for the BSD followers, plus those following the Fast800 plan. Everyone is welcome to join us. Here’s a quick recap!

The BSD/fast 800 is a low carb, Mediterranean style way of eating, with the primary aim of stabilising your insulin response when you eat. You achieve this by: eating fewer carbs, cutting out sugar and sweet tasting foods including most fruit, and by following a low calorie plan that reduces your visceral fat meaning that everything functions more effectively. Less insulin means less fat storage (in a nutshell, although more info can be found on this online). The blood sugar diet was designed to reduce T2 diabetes symptoms (or even reverse it entirely) but can also be used for weightloss.

Meats and fish
Full fat dairy products
Nuts, seeds
Pulses/ beans
Veg that grows above ground
Limit fruit: apples, pears, berries- in moderation, with meals, with fats

Occasional alcoholic drinks allowed (spirits, red wine are preferable to beer, lager, etc) although alcohol is calorie heavy and can influence your appetite
Tea and coffee, herbal tea etc.
And water- drink lots of water!

sugar, sweets, and ‘naturally occurring sugars’ such as fructose, maltose, honey, agave, puréed dates etc....

Potatoes of any variety
Breakfast cereals (occasional steel cut oats are ok)
Breads/ flour based products

Michael Moseley recommends HIIT workouts to increase calorie burn and help to tone up, and recommends walking more (increasing your steps weekly until you hit around 10000 a day)

MM also suggests a programme of mindfulness, meditation, practised for a few minutes each day.

How to follow the plan:
Fast800: follow the plan above, sticking to 800 calories every day for 2 weeks. Ideal to give your weightloss a real kick start, plus improve your insulin function and reduce your sugar cravings.
8 weeks BSD- 8 weeks, follow the guidelines above- 800 calories a day. You don’t need to count carbs grams because the diet is naturally self limiting.
BSD 5:2- for a more leisurely weightloss journey, or as maintenance, or once you’ve done an 8 week stint or 2 weeks of Fast800, you can play around with a combination of increased calorie count, ‘free eating’ and fasting days (800 cals) until you achieve your goals. Many of our long standing members now follow this approach.

You can stop 800 calorie days at any time once you achieve your goal. It’s advised to limit yourself to 12 weeks maximum of 800 calorie days, but you should get excellent results in 8 weeks. Depending on your weightloss goals, you can do further ‘rounds’ of either the 8 week BSD or the Fast800. We recommend you take your measurements before you begin, not just your weight. A target pair of jeans in a smaller size or even a photography or two can be very motivating!

Some useful links:

previous thread

meal planning thread

TDEE calculator to calculate your daily calorie requirement

information about the ‘whoosh’ phenomenon

Uptheshard Sat 29-Jun-19 16:40:33


teta Fri 24-May-19 14:26:40

Well done purple that's a lovely story.
I've had a tough week. Lots of things going on behind the scenes meant I had some low cal ice-cream only to find it was very high in carbs so put on 3 pounds overnight. Plus I've been having a gin at night instead of a long walk.
But when I took ds to Burger King yesterday I ate a whopper patty on its own with the pickles.
I'm now sitting in M&S eating a Caesar Salad. So I am learning how to apply the principals of the diet to everyday life. IBS has been playing up this week so I've just inhaled some Buscopan and Immodium.
So all in all I'm the same weight as last Friday.

thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 23-May-19 20:22:46

That's amazing purple and a great positive story to end the thread


StarJasmine Thu 23-May-19 20:21:19

Wow well done purple that’s a fabulous loss! You sound like you’re feeling good too. Thankyou for sharing, reading successes keeps helps keep the faith I think. Have a great holiday.

purplespring Thu 23-May-19 19:16:44

Just popping on quickly and haven’t had time for a proper catch up so I hope everyone is doing well.

My final weigh in before my holiday was on Monday and I am 2 stone 3.25lb lighter than I was 7 weeks ago 😊 that’s 12.4% of my starting weight lost.

I’ve accepted I’m going to put some weight back on while on holiday, and I’m probably not really going to stick to even the basic principles, but I will moderate my overall intake and I will be doing lots of walking (I don't generally put weight on during a holiday). I’m happy I can lose it again when I come back.

My next goal will be any weight gained plus another stone off by the middle of July (for my next holiday!), there’ll be some exercise happening on my return as well.

Oh and major NSV, I’ve just weighed my case after struggling to carry it down stairs, it weighs the same as what I’ve lost. It’s not even a cabin size case! I can’t believe 2 months ago I was carrying that extra weight around every day. And looking at the size of it no wonder people keep saying they can see I’ve lost weight and how my eyelashes look amazing (when I’m slimmer people comment on my eyes more, I think they’re just more noticeable on my face when it’s smaller 🤣)

thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 23-May-19 07:50:44

Hi oblomov, welcome back

Star I'm very prone to water retention around my cycle (eg. My wedding ring which is normally loose, won't come off on those days) - drinking things like green tea can help, or eating natural diuretics like cucumber. I've learned that it's probably not wise for me to weigh myself on those days as I'll be a good 3lbs up.

I'm a few up this morning, combination of a carby day on Tuesday and eating a lot yesterday. I'm a bit annoyed really, my plan was to be on plan for 4 weeks to get 'holiday ready' and we go away on Saturday and I weigh exactly the same as I did 4 weeks ago, despite doing nearly 4 weeks (bar one day) entirely sugar free. I think I'm going to have to come to terms with the fact that this is my weight, my body just will not relinquish those last few pounds. Also annoying is that I am actually visibly slimmer, I've clearly lost some fat but added some muscle but dammit, I want the numbers DOWN!!!

I'm going to keep up the sugar free on holiday, but inevitably food will be a little less in my control. My usual holiday strategy is to stick to the right foods, try not to snack (difficult in the evenings), keep active and run as at home, remember to drink water and other than that just go with the flow. We are away with a big group of dh's family so there will be wine. Plus we're in Wales (and have you seen the forecast??!- it's grim)

thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 23-May-19 07:35:23

Blood sugar diet and Fast800 thread 15

Link to the next thread, this one filled up fast!

boldlygoingsomewhere Thu 23-May-19 06:52:18

On the bunged up front (I suffer too) is just wanted to recommend what I use. I’m not. Doctor yada yada but this works for me.

I find a few slices of the flax bread (recipe upthread) is good to get things moving. grin

I used to drink kefir every morning but think it might be too carby for this diet. I’ll go back to it in a month.

Oblomov19 Thu 23-May-19 06:48:18

Still here. Haven't lost anything. Really cross. Have been trying. By then also my diabetes has been so bad that I've been forced to drink tonnes of lucozade. Which kind of defeats the object!

Lndnmummy Thu 23-May-19 06:44:47

Star, pls don’t worry it’s such early days. I have read that some people have their whooshes a lot later once their bodies have adjusted, so in week 4-5. You are doing great!

On the bunged up front (I suffer too) is just wanted to recommend what I use. I’m not. Doctor yada yada but this works for me.

Also does anyone us supplements? I think a probiotic is a very good idea, for everyone, but especially when diet is being altered!

StarJasmine Thu 23-May-19 05:52:48

Argh! I’ve now ‘put on’ 1.5lb since yesterday so I’ve actually ‘only lost’ 2lb in my first week sad (although thank goodness for the recommendation of the happy scale app which gives me a 7-day average weight loss of 3.8lbs and makes me feel a lot better. I just started my period (cd3 today) which was very delayed (I’m investigating possible hormone imbalances further at the moment) so I’m thinking perhaps there’s still some water retention going on despite me drinking 2.8-3.5L every day. Does drinking more water help water retention even? I don’t know, going to do some reading :-) just found this article about weight and menstrual cycle not come across that site before but it looks good.

Interestingly whilst the plain weight loss might not look so impressive, my body fat % is a whole 1% down having been steadily creeping down 0.1-0.2% each day. Like I said yesterday my work trousers felt looser around the waistband and thighs, but this morning I do feel bloated and crampy in my abdomen. Stupid period.

Pah. However upbeat I try to be it’s disappointing not to be joining the ranks of the jaw-dropping first week weight losses, especially as I have been so so on it - one accidental 900cal day but otherwise I’ve been under 800 every day, drunk my water, and thought I’d done really well. Frustrating.

PhoenixMama Wed 22-May-19 22:37:48

@mudcake I felt like that when I started, probably first month at least, even 10k steps was hard (I also got sick a lot, low cal can lower your immune system). I stuck with it and am now doing a fasted run every other day. That said I definitely feel hungrier on run days. I'm so bloated and uncomfortable right now. Really hope it shifts. DD is off school tomorrow due to her school being a polling station so we're going to Legoland which I'm thinking I may regret lol. Packed a healthy picnic (well healthy for me!) So hopefully won't be too bad. If I totally plateau this week I'll be cross lol.

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 22-May-19 21:36:30

I should add that after my experiment with pudding last night, today I've had a rather poochy tummy and have had that odd 'wanty' feeling- not hungry, but just seeking out 'something' despite my food being really good. So I think that's possibly down to having sugar after being so long without. I've managed today by eating other, on plan, things instead, but as a result the calories were high.

My dinner was immense- and so simple. A red pepper, cut in half and oven baked til it starts to soften, then a pack of French lentils (merchants gourmet brand) squished into the pepper shell, then goats cheese on the top. Served with salad. Really tasty and filling, the lentils are quite carby and high cal (300 for the pack) but I could have managed on half if Dh had been here, and could have made it do 2 peppers worth but I'm greedy and Dh is away tonight

I've come to bed early with a cup of hot milk and will endeavour for a Fast800 day tomorrow.

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 22-May-19 20:57:26

LDN yep, you need plenty of water!

Mudcake i find keto sends me the other way, almost unnaturally energetic. If you're feeling really exhausted I'd try eating more calories, not necessarily even fully 5:2, but maybe allow 1000 or 1100 on the days you want to exercise. I definitely notice if I attempt a long run after a fast day that I'm just not as well fuelled! I always run fasted, but that being said, I do struggle if I wait til the afternoon (ie fast all day) and then run. I have to go first thing really. If you stick to med style eating then you should be able to add extra calories without gaining loads/plateauing

StarJasmine Wed 22-May-19 20:46:18

Cutting out alcohol and drinking enough (ie a lot!) of water will likely make a huge difference Lndn I think. You need the water to burn the fat, I think, or something like that smile

B: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and spinach, lemon & black pepper (was very yum)
L: Vegetable chilli (tin) with cauliflower rice
D: Quorn, cashew & veggie stir fry with Shirataki noodles
739 calories

I’m feeling a little nervous about the scales tomorrow, with it being the end of week 1, I haven’t seen the impressive loss that other people report (this morning was just 3.3lbs down from starting weight) BUT my period just started, and my work trousers feel looser, and it’s still less than last week, even if it isn’t the stonking first week that a lot of people have! Positive mental attitude and all that.

QRCode Wed 22-May-19 20:17:28

Mudcake I think you will probably adjust. I have done 5:2 before this and lost really well, so if this is too hard just switch. It will take longer but it will feel better and you are more likely to succeed. I don't aim for ketosis or weigh and measure stuff, so I can't comment on how keto feels. I will have dinner at 7 and then go to the gym the next day at 3 or 4pm and go for a run, so it is possible to get used to running in a fasted state and also to burn fat instead of carbs.

Mudcakemaniac Wed 22-May-19 18:14:45

Hi all. I’ve just completed week 2 of fast800 and I was hoping to keep going till the end of the month before switching to 5:2. But I’m so super tired and I wonder if it’s because of only eating 800kcal a day? I eat keto and weigh 72kg now and I’m 162cm. I have trouble concentrating and just feel sluggish. I can force myself to go on walks and get 10k steps a day but definitely could not do anything more vigorous. Is this normal?

Lndnmummy Wed 22-May-19 16:14:33

Week2 for me and it’s abit of slug to be honest. I have stalled weight wise which isn’t a surprise since I have had wine a couple of days in row. Not a lot but it seems like even one glass stalls my weight loss completely. I have been on plan perfectly foodwisw apart from wine and I’m also waaaay behind on water. Do you guys think that’s the reason? I will address this tmrw and drink water and no alcohol at all for the rest of the week and I’m hoping that will make a should right?
Will catch up with all the other posts after bedtime. Xxx

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 22-May-19 15:37:30

Star I'm the same, I can do 16:8 for a few days consistently but any smaller window of eating and I get a bit 'starved' feeling! I think with TRE you have to find what works best for you, because I suppose should it has benefits it can also be counterintuitive too- eg. If I fast too long, I will then not have the energy to work out, so I'll lose the benefits of that. And I definitely agree that if you are going to restrict eating to a small time slot, you need a planned (and possibly prepped) meal for the end of the fast or it's too easy to get caught out in the biscuit tin

QRCode Wed 22-May-19 15:29:53

Fair enough, starjasmine - at the moment I finish at 2 so it's much more doable!

StarJasmine Wed 22-May-19 14:30:03

‘Fasting’ grazing on staff room chocolates until I get home from work (8pm or later) is one of the poor eating habits that got me where I am now I think, because I would get home starving and exhausted and then eat massive amounts of carby junk in a single late meal and then not move until the next morning! I think my work day is just too long to not eat at all through it. Doing Fast800 is actually the first time in a long time I’ve consistently eaten 3 normal meals a day for nearly a week now. That in itself is a fair achievement for me. On a work day I can’t really manage 12:12 due to my schedule, I’m an hour or so over 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I can aim for that on non-work days.

QRCode Wed 22-May-19 12:47:34

Hi all. I solve the packed lunch problem by fasting until I finish work! Last night we had a school event so I ate pizza and cookies blush but at end of week 3 weigh in today I was 0.6kg down, 3.5kg in total. It's been pretty steady this week so a whoosh would be nice.

seaside, I am 51 and post-menopause already (barely even noticed it, tbh). I do at least 16:8 but often it's more like 22:2. The weight is going down so I hope it works for you too.

StarJasmine Wed 22-May-19 08:41:58

It’s difficult to not fret about scales isn’t it. But even if it was 5lb up (very unlikely unless you literally ate a baby or something surely!!!) its only a small part of the overall picture, and not the most important really compared to how you feel, measures of health etc.

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 22-May-19 08:29:29

Morning all. As predicted, slight 'day off' yesterday as went out for a meal. I had calamari and then for main had lamb kofta, shared a small pudding with Dh, and 2 glasses of rather nice red wine. So not terrible, but not brilliant either. The pudding was ridiculously sweet, first thing I've had in over 3 weeks and I only ate a spoonful or two, so hopefully it won't awaken my carb cravings too much. Predictably, woke up the morning ravenously hungry (as if often the case after a higher carb day)

Back on it today though: going for a decent run this morning, maybe a 10k on a new path I discovered yesterday, then a salad lunch, and having lentil stuffed peppers and goats cheese (inspired by the recipe thread yesterday) for dinner.

Great result maccalenny star
Phoenix hope you are ok?
Welcome back seaside

Happy Wednesday everyone!

boldlygoingsomewhere Wed 22-May-19 08:24:00

Well done, Macca!

This is why I don’t weigh, Phoenix - my scales are old and I’m not sure they are trustworthy. I need to buy a decent new set but, for now, clothes fit will do.

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