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Skipping breakfast affect on appetite? And mood.

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Feelingfortyisntfun Sun 13-Jan-19 12:02:30

I can’t find if this has been answered before but I’d been interested in others thoughts on skipping breakfast?

I have traditionally had huge breakfasts so skipping it no doubt would reduce my energy intake but wondered if it really reduced appetite as some have reported and the effect on mood? I can be very grumpy in the am....

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Heratnumber7 Sun 13-Jan-19 12:11:52

I very rarely eat breakfast. I prefer 10 mor mins in bed in the morning. But I imagine you'd miss it if you're used to it.

Feelingfortyisntfun Sun 13-Jan-19 12:15:52

Hmm thanks for sharing I never used to eat it - but I used to many years ago breastfeed at 5 am and was starving is started then... so ten years of habit to quit but breakfast is my most calorific meal...

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SarahBeeney Mon 14-Jan-19 19:20:22

It takes a while to get used to skipping breakfast but once you get used to it it's fine.
I do intermittent fasting and I skip it every day. I'm never ever hungry in the mornings now. I do drink tea and coffee tho.
One way to do it is to start eating later and later gradually.

SarahBeeney Mon 14-Jan-19 19:21:00

I meant to add it doesn't make me feel more or less grumpy than before!

HelenaJustina Mon 14-Jan-19 19:24:12

I can skip it if I have a coffee first thing and keep busy until about 9am. Then it’s easy to hold off until lunch.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 03-Feb-19 19:15:37

I usually do and feel fine, although some days I wake up really hungry (think this is due to what I eat the day before). Once I eat breakfast I feel hungrier all day though, so the longer I wait, the better.

Justmeagain123 Sun 03-Feb-19 19:19:41

I always thought people who skipped breakfast were nuts, I started skipping it when calorie counting as I found it an easy meal to skip despite usually liking breakfast. I've read that 12 hours fasting is good for the body. Anyway I've found if I don't eat early I don't get hungry, and enjoy my lunch, whereas if I eat breakfast I'm hungrier earlier. I have a desk based job, if I didn't I may not be so blasé. Give it a go, your body will tell you if it works for you or not.

ChocOrCheese Mon 04-Feb-19 17:42:19

If I eat breakfast I am hungry for lunch and dinner. If I don't eat breakfast I don't miss it, and go until about 2pm before eating. I actually don't like eating breakfast but if we are away on holiday I will do it to keep hubby company (and then usually regret it).

EssentialHummus Wed 06-Feb-19 13:32:38

Eating breakfast seems to activate my appetite! It I don’t eat it I’m fine until 2pm or later.

Hecateh Tue 19-Mar-19 12:47:01

Hello I'm new here smile
I don't skip breakfast, I delay it. I call my first meal breakfast whether I have it at 9 am (unusual) or between 12 and 2pm (usual)
Whenever the first meal is, it is still the meal that is 'breaking the fast' which definitely helps me psychologically.
I have my breakfast at whatever time I really want it but it is only early if I am really hungry otherwise I just distract myself until 12ish and sometimes longer.
It doesn't make me moody at all and I have lost 2 stone over the last year and that is with eating pretty much what I want until 9pm.
I mostly eat healthily but do have the occasional bag of crisps or a couple of biscuits and a couple of glasses of wine most nights

Home77 Thu 21-Mar-19 08:47:33

I like the idea of just calling the first meal breakfast, that way you aren;t missing out! Maybe it could be a 'brunch' also, omelette or something for lunch.

PhoenixMama Thu 21-Mar-19 12:23:42

I've just started skipping breakfast on the Fast800 and I don't really miss it at all. I have an espresso with milk and a cup of herbal tea and it keeps me going till noonish. Not grumpy either!

Notreallyhappy Thu 21-Mar-19 12:37:35

Skipping breakfast for lent...thinking about it I don't need it.prefer a bigger lunch..
If i do eat I'm hungry all day.

Mydressinggownismybestfriend Thu 21-Mar-19 12:42:51

I never ever have breakfast. If I have breakfast it sets something off and I just want to eat allllll day.

I don’t usually eat till 3.30pm at least.

This is on weekdays. Weekends are a whole other ball game.

nooddsocksforme Thu 21-Mar-19 13:31:09

I very rarely eat breakfast . If I do I feel hungry and eat much more the rest of the day . I am now a size 8 and I think this is down to skipping breakfast and stopping snacking

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