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Slimming world not working for me

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violet0805 Mon 23-Apr-18 07:03:18

So I've been trying to lose weight for years, and I've always tried slimming world but got bored and ended up giving up.
I've been back on it since February and have lost 7lb.. I know it's a loss but it's just so slow.
I have polycystic ovaries which makes losing weight hard anyway.

I'm thinking of switching to the 5:2 diet just for a week to see how I get on.

Has anyone lost a substantial amount of weight on the 5:2? And if so can you give me some ideas of what you ate, on both the normal and fasting days..

Thank you 😊

TinyPawz Mon 23-Apr-18 07:10:40

I have PCOS and found sw very easy to follow. I did notice smaller losses on weeks were I overloaded on pasta/rice/potatoes. Those are allowed but I needed smaller amounts. Were you using your syns?

violet0805 Mon 23-Apr-18 07:21:06

I should have probably mentioned that I lost 5.5lb my first week, so I've lost 1.5lb in 2 months! Yes I have my syns, limit potatoes and pasta, rarely have bread and have over a 3rd of my plate as speed food. I find the plan easy to follow, I'm just not losing

Flisspaps Mon 23-Apr-18 07:29:10

PCOS and free potatoes and pasta is a disaster waiting to happen.

LCHF is good for PCOS/insulin resistance 👍🏻

violet0805 Mon 23-Apr-18 07:48:46

I only have potatoes 1-2 times a week and pasta once a week at the most...
sorry to sound thick but what is that??
I was put on metformin but that made no difference

Flisspaps Mon 23-Apr-18 08:39:45

Low carb high fat.

teta Tue 24-Apr-18 17:31:02

It works for me the first two weeks and then stops.
I have insulin resistance.
I’ve had success following Michael Mosleys Mediterranean diet. Fasting in the morning ( I do have a glass of Kefir at 11am & tea,coffee). Then scrambled eggs/smoked salmon or today I had quinoa with roasted vegetables and some almonds. Meals can be courgetti with Bolognase or curry with cauliflower rice or chicken cooked in broth with loads of veg. Cheese and nuts are fine plus coconut oil, butter and olive oil.
It’s really important to avoid sugar alternatives apart from Stevia.As they have been shown to biochemically act like sugar.

violet0805 Wed 25-Apr-18 13:07:37

Great thank you, I'll look into that. I'm half Cypriot so love Mediterranean food 😊

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