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Lunch inspiration needed!

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WhatwouldOliviaPopedo Sat 02-Sep-17 16:49:01

My DP wants to start 5:2 this week so I said I'd post on here for some ideas for light lunches (he's planning to skip breakfast). He's a teacher who spends his lunch break marking in the classroom, so he wants something quick and easy that doesn't require a fridge to store it in. Oh, and he doesn't eat eggs and would prefer something a tiny bit carby (he'll have just salad and lean meat in the eve). I was thinking a wrap might be his best option, or would that be too calorific? Any ideas gratefully received!

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siblingrevelryagain Sat 02-Sep-17 16:51:58

Soup in a flask always a good option on 5:2. Make it yourself, total up the calories, then you can portion it out for the required calories. You could make leek & potato, sweet potato, butternut squash, lentil soup etc, which would satisfy the 'carry' requirement. Or keep it very low with just veg.

WhatwouldOliviaPopedo Sat 02-Sep-17 16:58:24

I hadn't thought of soup, that's a great idea. Thanks!

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