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Have I got this right? 5.2 and 16.8

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JemandScout Sun 30-Jul-17 09:23:53

I have totally lost my way and now have a BMI of over 31. I am 13 stone 1 and only 5ft 4 and feel desperate. I am off to the South of France in 2 weeks and need to make some inroads into this excess weight.

So, I have had a read and think I am going to try combining 5.2 and 16.8 is this doable? My plan is 5 days of 16.8 eating between 10 and 6. 3 meals, increase veg, reduce processed carbs. Then 500 cals on Monday and Thursday, just lunch and dinner.

All help appreciated.

I can't go on feeling all bloated and yuk.

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JemandScout Mon 31-Jul-17 08:13:10

Despite being ignored by you lot grin, I followed the 16.8 yesterday. I definitely feel less bloated today. Weird how that can happen even after a day. I had Greek yogurt, raspberries and nuts for breakfast at 11, a sandwich at 2 and salmon and veg at half 6 and then drank water and coffee. Only realised afterwards that I had mill so will need to cut that out. I was going to do a 500 call fast today but we are off to Nando's for lunch. And I am already hungry hmm

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user1497557435 Mon 31-Jul-17 08:19:32

Sounds good (if not a bit complicated but I think I get what your doing.

Good luck. My bmi also about 30/31 & used to be 23/24. V annoyed with self for not having willpower.

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