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What to eat on non fasting days

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tumpymummy Wed 14-Jun-17 00:29:50

Hi! I have just started the 5:2 diet to shift my middle age tummy. Today I survived my first fast day. But what do I eat tomorrow, a NFD? The book says eat normally. But does that mean I can eat cakes and biscuits? Surely I won't loose weight if I do that!?

Jamboree05 Sun 29-Oct-17 22:49:22

Stick to under 2000 calories and, if possible, try and cut down on the carbs and processed sugars- cakes etc. will not help you on any diet. I quit processed sugar a while ago (though massively fell off the wagon on my holiday!!!) It's bloody hard for the first week as I was horribly addicted but I felt so much better for it after- energy levels much more consistent, less tired, less headaches, etcetc. Starting my 5:2 no sugar again tomorrow and know it's gonna be hard again but worth it when I get into the swing of it!!

littlekellysmum Tue 19-Dec-17 20:13:23

Stick to 1500 calories diet. Eat home cooked food and don't eat junk and dont drink Milk. By quitting milk you can lose about 1 kg per month.

Ta1kinPeace Sun 24-Dec-17 16:24:25

Hi Tumpy
You need to eat "normally" as if you were already the slim person you want to be.

Work out your TDEE (use sedentary)
then a rough weekly food plan is ......
Monday = 500 calorie fast day
Tuesday = TDEE less 10%
Wednesday = TDEE less 10%
Thursday = 500 calorie fast day
Friday = TDEE
Saturday = relax and enjoy
Sunday = TDEE

That pattern will give you the 3000 calorie deficit a week that will let you head towards your "happy weight"

NazaninN Thu 04-Jan-18 22:18:41

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Khamiak Sun 07-Jan-18 13:05:16

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