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Ready to start bsd - tips for family meals

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tobee Sun 07-May-17 13:23:50

Ok, so I'm ready to start the blood sugar diet. I have the 8 week bsd recipe book and am transitioning from 5:2. All good.

However, I also have a dh and a 17 yr old ds here at the moment, to be added to when dd comes home from uni. My dh is underweight and has a chronic health condition which restricts what he eat, think eggs, salt, cheese, nuts, shell fish, some other fish,dairy etc.

So I have to take that into account.

Also, lots of the recipes are for 2, or 6 etc. How do people portion out the meals for things like bolognese etc. ?

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tobee Sun 07-May-17 13:53:57

Ps I'm very dim and would probably work best on one of those diets where portioned controlled food turns up at your door. But I imagine that would be pretty pricey and I love cooking!

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