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5:2 diet and meal replacement shakes

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Discopanda Sat 18-Mar-17 14:54:01

Hiya, I'm going to give the 5:2 diet another crack and saw Exante are offering a 5:2 plan where you just have their shakes on fast days. I've got a load of 200 cal meal replacement shakes from not being about to stay on an all shake diet longer than a few days, has anybody tried meal replacement shakes on fast days to avoid planning meals and calculating calories?

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eddielizzard Sat 18-Mar-17 14:57:41

yes i have. they worked well, but then on the feasting days i found i was lusting after them and was knocking back a couple so i had to stop having them in the house.

now i've reverted back to healthy calorie counted meals on fast days.

Ellieboolou27 Wed 12-Apr-17 11:07:38

Yes working for me, I have 3 per day though, so 600 cals. I find it stops me from obsessing about food on my fasting days as I know I've got meals sorted with the shakes.on feasting days I stick to 1500-1600 cals max to even it out or I'd end up wolfing down 3,000 cals

Jadecarpet Tue 18-Apr-17 20:25:56

I'm just starting be on my Exante packs tomorrow & combining it with 5:2
Find it works well for me, 3 packs on difficult days but normally just 2 packs.

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