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Started fasting and have a question about breakfast

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PhedreNoDelaunay Mon 17-Oct-16 19:42:33

I've just started my second week of 5:2 fasting and am quite enjoying it so far.
I have been skipping breakfast and lunch and just having an evening meal with the family at about 7 o'clock of roughly 500 calories. Because of work patterns I would usually eat breakfast at about 10 and then lunch about 12.30. Is this ok the day after a fast or should I be having my breakfast earlier?

HalloweenQueen1 Tue 18-Oct-16 18:07:20

Hi Phaedre, I've stopped having breakfast altogether after my fast days I find the make me hungry earlier so tend to eat lunch around 12/1pm and then dinner around 5/6pm so your plan of having breakfast at 10 sounds fine to me I'm no expert though, can only tell you what works for me good luck with your fasting you should pop over to the main fasting thread, there's lots of good info and advice on that as well as great support

PhedreNoDelaunay Tue 18-Oct-16 20:22:00

Thank you HalloweenQueen. I won't worry too much then. I was quite surprised that I wasn't at all hungry in the morning after the fast. I expected to be absolutely starving.

I've been reading through the main 5:2 threads. They are so helpful. 😊

BigChocFrenzy Tue 18-Oct-16 22:40:15

No need to have breakfast earlier if you're not hungry.
Whatever system works for you

PhedreNoDelaunay Wed 19-Oct-16 08:43:34

Cheers BigChoc.
This is so different from any diet I've been on before. It's always been careful weighing out of cardboard cereal because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's quite liberating to just not bother. 😆

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