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Can't help but feel disappointed...

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AndieNZ Sat 20-Aug-16 15:35:08

So I am about ten days or so into starting 5:2. I weighed at the start of the first week.
My first week I did one successful FD as I came back from holiday that week. I did not weigh myself at the end of this week as I had only done one FD.

My second week, I did two successful FDs. I didn't do the amount of exercise I would normally do as I have hurt my back but just did some gently walking and did a step class.
I did not enjoy the FDs on the second week whatsoever as they clashed with spur of the moment social opportunities which I turned down. On Thursday, (my second FD) me and DH found ourselves sat in the beer garden of a really nice pub and DH suggested staying for an early dinner. Even though I wanted to, I declined as I could not see anything low calorie on the menu which would be suitable for my FD.. And I desperately wanted to stick to the plan.
On Friday morning, the day after my FD, I was bitterly disappointed to see that I had just stayed the same.
I am so disappointed as I was sure that I would be rewarded with a loss! I wish I had said yes to that meal in the pub now as we never have chance to do stuff like that but I didn't want to sabotage my results! I am wondering where I am going wrong and whether this plan is suitable for me. I normally drift around 10 to 10 and a half stone. 10 and a half stone is normally the point where I just cut back a little and my weight floats back down again. However, in the New Year, my doctor put me on medication which resulted in my weight ballooning right up to 11stone 7 which is the heaviest I have been in my life unless pregnant. I was gutted about the weight gain and so I came off the medication in May/June. I am still 11and a half stone. None of my clothes fit me and I look in the mirror and hate seeing how I look. I am very petite and have a small frame so the weight gain is very visible.

It's worth bearing in mind that
I normally find it easy to lose weight when I first start a new eating plan
My stomach is completely bloated. My face looks very puffy as well.
It's not TOTM as I have a MIrena coil.
I have been eating at TDEE logging everything in myfitnesspal and following 16:8
I have been drinking lots of water.

Does anyone have any suggestions? BIg choc what do you think? I have been looking on the internet about lowering my carbs whilst fasting. Not the blood sugar diet as such as I like to have freedom to eat the foods I enjoy.

Thanks for reading and sorry if I sound like I am feeling sorry for myself!

BigChocFrenzy Thu 25-Aug-16 12:25:21

Sorry, just seen your thread, Andie

With weight gain & bloating caused by medication, your hormonal balance was altered towards fat storage - possibly your insulin metabolism has been changed - and may take time to return to what it was.
Cutting back exercise can also hinder weight loss in some people - your TDEE needs to be recalculated for sedentary then, with fewer carbs.

Unfortunately, you will probably have slow progress for a few weeks, whatever your WOE
You will need to watch what you consume far more than other folk

What can help:

+ No snacking ever.
Snacks keep insulin levels permanently raised, which tends to fat storage rather than fat-burning. Especially when your hormones have already been mucked about by meds

+ Keep within nhs alcohol guidelines
Booze switches off fat-burning for hours until the liver has processed all the toxic byproducts.

+ Ideally totally cut out added sugar and junk carbs, e.g. sweets, choc, cake, biscuits, ice etc
If that's too tough, then have them on only 2 NFDs per week, one portion only on those days.
Sugar / junk also increases the tendency to store fat, so the days of junky eating need to go, at least for now.

+ Go low GI every day - Base meals on protein, masses of veg, plain yoghurt or kefir, plus move to complex carbs, i.e. wholemeal bread, brown / red rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes.
. Try to have beans, peas or lentils most days, excellent for insulin control
. Watch carb portion size - at one meal only ONE of these: 1-2 slices wm bread / 100 g potato / 80g uncooked weight rice or pasta
. Avoid mash & deep fried food
. Keep fruit to maximum 2 portions per day and avoid high sugar fruit like bananas, mango, figs, dates
. Cut out fruit juice, dried fruit

+ Exercise - HIIT if you are fit again
If not, have at least a daily walk and if possible do 10k steps.

BigChocFrenzy Thu 25-Aug-16 12:28:11

wrt carb portions: that was for the total carbs at any NFD meal where you choose to have em.
Try to make the FDs low carb, with just protein & masses of veg

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