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800 Calorie Advice/Menu's/Everything

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DesignEye Mon 06-Jun-16 14:52:42

Another Pre Diabetic here!

I have watched the 5:2 programme and will eventually start the diet. To start, I need to get my blood sugars down and down fast.

I have a really painful skin disease (autoimmune) and my blood sugars massively affect that. Including night sweats, constant weeing, lethargy, interrupted sleep and feeling fluey - the signs are all there! I know what the doctors will tell me, so I'm intervening before they do.

I really want to loose this weight and get my sugars down fast as I - terrified of feeling as bad as I did before loosing the weight - as I have done before.

The speed comes in because I my skin disease is flaring up rapidly. The more it flares, the less immobile I become - which in turn restricts my ability to loose weight! I'm not gym shy!


Can I have all of your advice, tips, knowledge, diet plans.... Everything really!

One question I have is can I up to calories if exercising or does that not have the same blood sugar affects?

Not2bObvious Thu 09-Jun-16 20:49:24

Lots of info on this thread:
And there's another thread about people's food plans, you'll find it easily

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