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Does the Blood Sugar diet work for weight loss?

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TradGirl Sun 08-May-16 14:51:09

I have browsed through some of the BSD threads but lots of people seem to get stuck after losing a stone or so. I've lost just over that on SW but am uneasy about the big carb portions as I know I'm addicted to them! But to live on 800 calories a day and only have the same weight loss would be pretty demoralising. I have 3 more stone to lose to get to BMI 24 so I was wondering if anyone has managed to lose a lot on BSD?

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yumyumpoppycat Mon 09-May-16 16:05:18

Ooh interesting! Some people prob will do better on SW or whatever but It worked for me, just need to see if I can lose more and maintain. Since having my dc 3 who is 5 I have tried paleo (great for learning about nutrition and worked but hard to stick to) 5:2 (helped with learning that it is ok to skip meals occasionally but not great on weight loss after almost a year) and MFP 1200 cals (great tool for calorie counting but I ate really badly) but the 8 weeks on BSD brought me to the lowest I have managed by about 10lbs. I can't 100% remember how much I lost in the 8 weeks but it was over 20lbs and I have lost a bit more since then close to 30 lbs. I didn't manage to stick to 800 every day and prob averaged at 950 but I always aimed for 800, 'nutrition' wise I wasn't perfect so prob I could have had better results.

A lot of people doing the BSD are apparently 'hard losers' so that may explain why some people get stuck, in addition a few of us have said this is the lowest I have been in xx years so clearly the results may not be jaw dropping but it is working better than other diets for some of us.

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