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tomorrow will be my first fast!

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RavioliOnToast Wed 20-Apr-16 16:18:26

I've been lurking a little bit over in the main thread, but what do you wish someone had told you on your first fast day?

I'm 5ft 5, weigh 15st 11lbs.

I'm at a point now where I have to do something g or I fear I'll be fat forever!

Also, any recipes would be much appreciated, or ideas on what you eat on a typical fast day.

Thanks all grin

RavioliOnToast Wed 20-Apr-16 17:05:53


RavioliOnToast Wed 20-Apr-16 18:15:14

Alrighty then.


BigChocFrenzy Wed 20-Apr-16 19:28:19

Don't just lurk; come and join us for lots of friendly support smile
All you need to know is in the HOW TO START section of the OP, with links to FD recipe sites in the Useful Resources & Calculators directly below

yomellamoHelly Wed 20-Apr-16 19:31:55

Plenty of water, from the minute you're up. Delay "breakfast" (if you're allowing yourself something) 'til as late as possible (always find the minute I start eating I feel hungrier). Go out / distract yourself from thinking about food by doing a few jobs as much as possible.

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