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Will I lose weight with this ?

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DreamCloud99 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:58:54

I used to be a svelte and active size 10 many moons ago . Since having twins and being diagnosed with ME , I'm now a 14-16.

In my family , gaining weight is shameful blush

I need to lose weight and quickly . I'm going to start fasting every other day (500 cals).

On my feed days (every other day) I won't be calorie counting but I'm going to try to eat healthier once the twins birthday cake has been demolished

How long before I should see results ?

Unfortunately, rigorous exercise is out as I'm often left bed bound for days on end after even a short work out not a good idea to attempt 25 minutes of shred in one day!

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Iamblossom Mon 18-Apr-16 11:22:31

Hi Dream - a few things leap out at me from your post, so I hope you don't mind..

gaining weight is shameful? Says who? do you think it is too? Do you actually want to lose weight for you or are you doing it for other people? Tell anyone who is making you feel ashamed to do one.

You don't need to fast every other day for 5:2 to work. eat to your TDEE (the amount of cals your body needs to function normally) on non fast days and 500 cals on two days a week, 600 if you are doing back to back fast days.

Doing the above I lost 10 pounds in about 6 weeks and I have kept it off by doing 6:1

DreamCloud99 Mon 18-Apr-16 13:19:45

My family are all very slim and vain - weight gain is seen as letting yourself go and is shameful hmm

I want to lose weight for me though .

Wow well done on your weight loss ! smile

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BigChocFrenzy Tue 19-Apr-16 19:01:36

Dream Please lose weight for your own benefit, not for your fat-shaming family. How nasty of them.
Your worth is so much more than your weight.
I agree with Blossom - many people have lost a great deal of weight on 5:2; no need to rush into ADF, save that in case you have a plateau.

What is important is to find a sustainable weight loss WOE that you can continue to goal. 5:2 gives you 5 normal days per week and a sensible social life, so you are more likely to continue. It trains you on the 5 NFDs how to eat on maintenance.

Come join us for friendly support & advice on the Main 5:2 / IF Thread # 62
Noone is ever judgey on our 5:2 threads: some folk have just a few lb to go; some are BMI 40+; some like me have been maintaining for years.
We're all in it together smile

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