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Beginner on 5:2 - no idea where to start!

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Chocwocdoodah Tue 05-Apr-16 00:14:50

I've never dieted before - always relied on exercise to slim but after 2 kids I have a belly I need to shift. Am doing Ripped in 30 and considering doing the 5:2 alongside it as it seems to be a good diet for someone who can't bear til be deprived of yummy stuff!

So I went on the website - my bmi is about 26 and my TDEE is 2083. Where do I start? Any good meal planners anywhere - I'm completely clueless? Any tips?? Thank you!

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Tue 05-Apr-16 00:23:22

Watching this, as I have been thinking of 5:2 too and also am clueless.

My BMW is 26 too.

Chocwocdoodah Tue 05-Apr-16 06:56:53

Happy to have you joining me in my cluelessness, Sissy!

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Tue 05-Apr-16 09:49:24

Ha ha just noticed BMW... see told you I was clueless!

Chocwocdoodah Wed 06-Apr-16 07:50:34

I've found a few recipes online for fasting days. One of the suggestions for a less than 100 call bfast, for example, was a boiled egg. Just 1 boiled egg! So am I going to feel starving on fasting days???

BoGrainger Wed 06-Apr-16 09:30:37

My own success with the 5:2 (3st loss in 4 months) was to make sure my eating habits were sustainable. So, no ridiculous counting down to the last calorie, no 100 calorie days, no extra fasting days. But also no bingeing days, no 'I'm going out for a slap-up meal tonight so tomorrow I'll be extra good' type plans.

My fasting days consisted of a couple of breakfast biscuits, a salad for lunch (inc mayonnaise and slice of ham), and stir-fry vegetables with prawns in the evening. Sometimes I might have a 2egg omelette with beans if I was fed up with stir-fry! Very boring but I stuck to it. Went to bed early so I didn't think of food. Dp cooked for the family on fasting days and I looked after myself. I didn't count drinks and it probably came in round about the 500 calories a day.

My non-fasting days were sensible e.g. No second/third helpings, small or no desserts, moderate alcohol etc if necessary. I cut out stuff like crisps and most chocolate as I couldn't just eat a small amount of this and would end up eating 2 or three bags/bars. I stuck to three meals a day, with a vague calorie calculator in my head. E.g. If I had three slices of toast when I got in from work then I would only have a small amount of pasta/potatoes with my main meal.

I hope this makes sense. I didn't follow any recipes, just learnt the ball-park calorie content of foods and juggled the days around that.

Since achieving my target weight nearly three years ago I have just eaten normally since then. I have twice put back on a few pounds but a few weeks of doing the 5:2 got rid of them. I know I'm lucky to have this sort of metabolism and my diet wouldn't suit everyone.

Good luck!

Summerdaydreams1 Wed 06-Apr-16 10:47:57

I have been doing 5:2 since end of January and lost 1stone. I have a cup of tea with milk first thing and then I eat nothing all day and use my 500 calories for my evening meal. I find this much easier because if I have a low calorie breakfast I find I get a taste for food and find it tougher.
I drink water and black coffee. The first few days I was starving but it's surprising how easy it is now.
I eat sensibly but don't deprive myself on non fast days. I am really into it and with three young children I am surprised at how energised I feel. Good luck.

BigChocFrenzy Wed 06-Apr-16 12:12:04

Come join us on the main 5:2 / IF Thread
We're very friendly smile and there's lots of tips & advice.

The OP there has a HOW TO START section which has all you need to know, plus calculators, 3D body visualisers and links to recipes etc

Chocwocdoodah Wed 06-Apr-16 18:06:11

Hi all. Thanks so much for your comments. I definitely couldn't just have tea for breakfast and then nothing til dinner - how do you do it, Summer!?

The How to Start sounds like exactly what I need - will head over there - thank you again!

SissySpacekAteMyHamster Wed 06-Apr-16 18:27:50

Hi. I started yesterday with a fast day and didn't find it too difficult.

I have got a few v low calorie soups (will make my own too) and am using fitness pal to work out calories in all food including home made recipes. I figure once I have all these stored it will make life easier.

I want to lose around 10kgs so will definitely be following the main thread.

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