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what results are being seen in first fortnight of 5:2 diet?

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Vicjane75 Wed 30-Mar-16 18:38:03

Just wondered how quickly it took for your body to lose weight on the diet and if it helps to keep to a minimum of cals on non fast days?

gardengirl88 Wed 30-Mar-16 19:01:29

4 days in I have lost 1.5kgs (sorry I'm a metric girl) but doing 16:8. Honestly though? I have had to greatly reduce my cal intake as tdee only 1700. I'm doing about 1500-1800 (ebf so don't want to reduce too drastically hence no 5:2) but that's a big change from 2000+ !

I find it infinitely manageable missing breakfast and I've been shocked how much I eat when I'm not hungry. Being more mindful is def what's do e the trick. Hope it'll last!

gardengirl88 Wed 30-Mar-16 19:03:31

Ps I'm sure someone will jump on with research etc but I'm pretty sure you have I eat near enough your tdee on nfd otherwise your body will go into starvation mode.

BigChocFrenzy Thu 31-Mar-16 17:53:52

Weight loss depends on:

+ How much you have to lose:
. If it's a lot, some people on 5:2 have lost 10 lb the first week, then settled down to 2-3 lb for the next few months
. For most folk with under 2 stone to go, it's just a few lb the first week or so, then longterm 1 lb weekly. That soon adds up.

+ How much you consume on NFDs (Non-Fast Days)
. If you average within TDEE, you maintain the FD deficit and lose
. If you average a lot over TDEE, you eat back the FD deficit and your loss stalls.
If you find you are losing too slowly, mfp at least 1 week for a reality check
. Many people daily eat say 300 below TDEE on the 3 weekday NFDs, to bank calories for the weekend. This is fine.

"Starvation Mode"
Most people have completely misunderstand what this is and worry unduly.
It happens - and only occasionally - when dieters over-stress their body for weeks (NOT days), e.g. adding very long daily cardio sessions plus eating far below TDEE.

It is even less likely to happen doing 5:2 or ADF, because on at least some NFDs you should be around TDEE.
However, it is not the time to train for the marathon.

Research on people who have fasted on zero cals have shown that metabolic rate actually increases and only decreases after 70+ hours.
Intermittent fasting is much gentler, with at least 500 cals per day and is only a day at a time.

btw, those doing Mosely's Blood Sugar Diet lose a lot of weight on daily 800 cals for 8 weeks. No "starvation mode" there. They just avoid long cardio sessions.

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