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From Whole30 to ADF

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TieGuanYin Mon 01-Feb-16 12:00:49

Hello All!

I'm new here and this is my first post. This is my favorite forum when I was obsessively checking daily issues and concerns when I was pregnant last year. Now, I decided to join the discussion, especially regarding shedding the post-pregnancy weight!

I decided to start the year by following the Whole30 diet. First few days were interesting and somewhat easy. However, it was on day 10 when I felt that I had enough. Nevertheless, I kept going until day 26 when I had a friend visiting which I used as an excuse to eat foods loaded with carbs and to almost finish, on her behalf, a whole box of Godiva chocolate.

Obviously, I was not happy with what happened, especially when I was planning to have a Paleo lifestyle. Not anymore.

Then I decided to just not eat the next day. That reminded me of the time I was in high school and how I managed to shed all my teenage fat by fasting for extended periods of times. Of course, that also reminded me of the 5:2 diet that I was reading about everywhere. But, for me, 5:2 felt like a bit too slow in terms of wanting to lose weight ASAP. So, I spent a day reading about ADF and decided to give it a shot.

Now, I'm on day 5 and have lost already 2KG. I'm very happy and feel like this is the way to go. On my NFD I eat around 1800 calories. On my FD I try to consume no more than 500.

I feel this way of eating is much easier because you do not restrict yourself. If I want chocolate, I can have it tomorrow. Also, it teaches you self-discipline because if I want chocolate, I should have it "in reasonable amounts" tomorrow. I was hoping to follow a Paleo lifestyle, especially after spending so much money buying paleo cookbooks, but then again, January was an experimental month with somewhat good results.

Just wanted to introduce myself share this with you all, especially to those who are considering following the Whole30 diet plan.


yumyumpoppycat Mon 01-Feb-16 12:49:33

Good luck fab weight loss so far! I used to follow paleo (I actually found it much better for weight loss than fasting but we are all different) but I need something a bit less restrictive. I am trying to do MM's new 8 week Blood sugar diet now and that recommends a low carb mediterranean diet, many similarities to paleo but a lot less red meat, more emphasis on veg, olive oil and oily fish etc.

yumyumpoppycat Mon 01-Feb-16 12:56:18

Oh and low carb med also includes beans, lentils, natural yog, small amounts of whole grains if tolerated(occasional) glass of red wine, low sugar fruit and like paleo nuts, seeds and dark choc, ...

TieGuanYin Mon 01-Feb-16 14:40:50

Thanks yumyumpoppycat for your feedback! I agree with you, the restrictiveness of paleo is really hard to work around with. The MM's Blood sugar diet sounds good because what I really did not like about paleo is not consuming legumes and dairy which, for me, are healthy and should be consumed "in moderation". I missed having porridge for breakfast when I was on whole30. Also, restricting any form of sugars "including honey" was really hard for me, so I would binge on dates which are available in abundance where I live. No wonder I finished a box of chocolate!

Good luck with your new diet!

yumyumpoppycat Mon 01-Feb-16 15:19:29

Thanks Tie! I agree I found the idea legumes were unhealthy quite weird but now in habit of not eating them confused Good luck too grin

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