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Can you BSD or 5:2 while running lots

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CooCooCachoo Thu 28-Jan-16 21:16:47

Im attempting to run 1000 miles this year but also want to lose weight. You would think they would go hand in hand but 50miles into the challenge and I've actually put on weight despite burning around 600 - 700 kcal per run ! I suspect the problem is craving carbs....

I'm currently 12 st 7lbs (5ft6 - size 16) and want to get back to pre-baby 10st (youngest is now 18 months old) so about time I did something about it. Is it possible to eat 800kcal a day when burning almost all of that during a run - I'm otherwise fairly sedentary.

I started running again last January and am loathe to lose the progress I've made (from puffing through a couple of kilometres to comfortably running for an hour). The 1000 mile challenge is my way of ensuring that I keep motivated/improve ability.

I get niggly jointly aches and sore legs and suspect this would also improve if I weren't quite so heavy!

Anyone else exercising lots but managing one of the above? Could use any insight anyone might have....

CooCooCachoo Thu 28-Jan-16 21:27:18

Have just seen the IF exercise thread blush.

Going to cut and paste above into that!

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