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IgglePiggleIsDead Wed 13-Jan-16 11:06:01

I did my first fast yesterday and found it pretty easy, tried to drink a lot of water and had 450 cal meal at 6pm and managed not to snack in the evening which is usually my downfall.
My question is about NFDs...I know you can eat up to your TDEE cals but is there any restrictions on the type of food e.g. low carb? I've tried low carb before and although it worked I found it miserable not being able to have some beans on toast every so often or the odd packet of crisps plus eating out was a nightmare (vegetarian+low carb+eating out doesn't work). This WOE appeals as it seems much easier to fit in my life long term as you don't seem to have to cut any food group out unless I've got it wrong?
Basically, could I technically eat 1600 cals worth of bread and mars bars on NFDs as long as it was within TDEE?

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Vibrantella Wed 13-Jan-16 11:54:07

Bread and Mars bars (only) are not healthy food, I'm afraid! But you could eat some bread and a Mars bar (if you really want to), plus a lot of veggies/some fruit, healthy fats, meat/fish/eggs, dairy etc. as long as you stop at 1600/your TDEE.

For me personally, as I have massive issues with carbs (diabetes, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, morbid obesity) I combine LC with 5:2. It just works better that way for me. When I eat concentrated carbs, I cannot stop, and it becomes a vicious circle! But there are many people who are not that deeply affected by carbs and who lose fat easily whilst still eating bread, pasta, rice, couscous etc. as part of a healthy diet (not so sure about chocolate bars, muffins, frappuchinos and similar ;))

BigChocFrenzy Wed 13-Jan-16 20:02:08

You just eat normal food on NFDs, whether that be vegan / low carb / Mediteranean / Burger King / ... your choice.
There are no banned foods
(but I do nag about staying within nhs guidelines for booze - some folk even listen to me wink )

Plenty of friendly support on the main 5:2 / IF Thread #60
Come join us smile

BigChocFrenzy Wed 13-Jan-16 20:03:33

Yes, people who are not very insulin-resistant do lose while eating chocs, biscuits, muffins etc on NFDs

IgglePiggleIsDead Thu 14-Jan-16 10:24:03

Thanks guys!
Just a disclaimer that I do eat pretty healthily and I'm not actually planning on eating mars bars all day but it'd be nice to be able to lose weight whilst eating some carbs so I'll eat normally and see how I get on for a couple of weeks.

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