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Trying t reset the mindset!

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smorgasborgen Tue 08-Dec-15 13:53:14

Hi all, you have been so inspiring that I started the 5:2 way of life yesterday.
I started by drinking lots of water and keeping busy. I ate a caprese salad at one thirty low fat mozzarella and one sliced tomato followed by roasted veg for dinner.
Tried not t snack but I made some home made completely plain pop corn for when I felt desperate. Think I had about a hand full!
Felt quite buzz y but also a bit weak.
I really want t reset my mind about how t eat and lose some weight! I'm 5:1 and about 10 stone ( don't own scales)
How long dies it take to reset your mindset?
Thanks all!!smile

hollolew2 Tue 08-Dec-15 20:33:34

It took me about 2 weeks then I suddenly found FDs a lot easier. But the first couple of weeks I had 800 calories on my FDs. Now I average 500-600 calories.

smorgasborgen Wed 09-Dec-15 07:42:57

Thanks for replying.
FD for me again today and its going t b interesting as I've been up all night with a coughing baby and I have to go to the supermarket for nappies! Going t b hard t be string but I will!!
Roll on two weeks!

TalkinPeace Thu 10-Dec-15 20:20:49

if you feel the need to snack, drink a whole pint of water and wait 20 minutes
if you really need to, have a whole raw carrot
and have another big drink

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