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Packed lunch ideas for fast days

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Jeffjefftyjeff Sat 07-Nov-15 07:59:05

I'm travelling a lot with work this week - lots of long train journeys and arriving home late. Any tips for a packed meal? I'm a bit clueless as normally have soups. Will probably have about 400 Cals left and eat it in the evening on a train.

MrsMolesworth Sat 07-Nov-15 08:27:50

Leafy salad with shredded chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumber, grated carrots and shaved parmesan - a similar salad in Prets comes in at around 200 cals. Then you'd have room for a fruit salad and yoghurt afterwards, or bag of home made popcorn and a banana if you're hungry.

MrsMolesworth Sat 07-Nov-15 08:29:44

Rice ball with poached salmon and watercress salad with a soy and grated ginger dressing. Another one based on Prets salads which I live on when travelling, and they always come in at 400 or fewer calories if you chuck out the oily dressing.

Jeffjefftyjeff Sat 07-Nov-15 11:15:50

These are brilliant thank you so much

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