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MadauntofA Mon 12-Oct-15 21:20:23

I have doing 5:2 on and off for some time now, and am just in the healthy bmi range. I would love to lose another 3-5kg for my ultimate happy weight but am just stuck! 5:2 seems to keep me steady, 6:1 makes me put on weight and I seem to be in a never ending cycle between 68 and 70kg. I am not too fixated on the numbers, but I can tell by the fit of my clothes and how I feel if I put on a little. I know the answer is to look at my NFDs or increase to alternate days, or exercise more, but the reason I have loved this WOL is that I don't have to worry too much about the NFDs. It feels like my body is so used to its current weight that it is just battling to keep me there! Anyone else felt like this is all a bit like hard work when it seemed so easy initially?

BigChocFrenzy Tue 13-Oct-15 08:15:00

Congrats on getting into healthy BMI range, Madaunt
Unfortunately, losing weight requires a calorie deficit in almost all cases, on all kinds of WOE.
Everyone who really trims down needs to bite the bullet and look at NFDs.

That's not just for weight loss, but for maintenance - you won't then need a deficit, but you'll regain if you have a weekly surplus. So, you don't want to waste all your hard work.
That's why I recommend correcting the NFDs, rather than adding more FDs.

Note: almost everyone who is overweight got that way from being used to eating / drinking too much, i.e. your "natural" intake is too much for your particular body.

With any kind of goal, whether exams, career or weight, you usually have to analyse the situation, plan your actions and then invest the effort.

My suggestions:
1) Calculate TDEE with goal weight plus a realistic activity level (see the definitions there) or sedentary, if the last lb are really stubborn.
2) Continue your normal eating & drinking, but mfp at least 7 consecutive days.
3) Analyse the results:
. Do you have a weekly deficit of 2,000+ cals ? A smaller deficit may not be enough for the last few lb
. Are there any calorie bombs ? That 450 choc muffin, that 750 cals from 3 glasses wine, 370 cals per slice of deep pan pizza (how many slices)
. Do you snack between meals or graze ?
. Are you eating out of boredom or stress ?
4) Plan how to correct NFDs.
. Cut out snacks & grazing. They just keep insulin levels raised and hinder fat-burning. Increase meal size slightly, maybe have a "treat" as part of the meal
. Cut out some calorie bombs you decide aren't worth it
. Stay within Calc Weekly Units safe alcohol limits Your liver health is important when losing weight and alcohol often leads to additional cals crom nibbles
. Try 16:8 or 14:10 on NFDs, i.e. shorter eating window of 8 or 10 hours
. Save some cals on weekday NFDs to leave wiggle room at weekends

BigChocFrenzy Tue 13-Oct-15 08:23:17

Those with more weight to lose often don't need to be so strict because:
. Their higher weight gives a higher TDEE
. At normal BMI, the remaining fat may be mostly in stubborn fat regions, which have much higher amounts of alpha-2 receptors (highly resistant to fat-burning) compared to beta-2 receptors (less resistant).
This is especially so for women.

To inhibit alpha receptors (i.e. burn fat) may need extra tactics:
. Cut right down on added sugar, junk carbs, alcohol.
. Add HIIT exercise

MadauntofA Tue 13-Oct-15 18:56:47

Thanks Bigchoc, you really are the font of all 5:2 knowledge!!! I do need to recalculate I suppose after years of eating a bit too much every day - makes more sense than adding FDs. Will continue 5:2 but take more notice of the NFDs.

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