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NFD and feeling uncomfortably full

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kiwidreamer Thu 30-Apr-15 19:13:50

I've been losing weight steadily for about 6 mths (16lbs or so, xmas set me back big time!) but decided I needed to get things moving a bit faster so have been fasting for a few weeks now. I fast Mon, Wed and Fri and this is fine, but today is a NFD I've had a few snacks I normally wouldn't and already at about 1500 cals for the day, TDEE says I can have over 2000cals.

The thing is I feel really crap - tired, really bloated and massive tummy, my back is aching, I'm short tempered and generally feel really uncomfortable. Quite frankly I prefer the empty tummy hunger pangs to this!!

I've eaten... 2 x scrambled egg, 2 finger kit kat, full fat yogurt, small packet of crisps, ww quiche and salad and a hand full of pasta from the kids dinner.

Is this due to the fasting and my body adjusting, has anyone else had something similar or just a crap coincidence??

Really worried what this means for my weight in on Saturday morning sad

stripytees Thu 30-Apr-15 20:18:37

A lot of the things you've eaten are full of simple carbs that will raise your blood sugar and then it will crash again. That might be part of it.

Are you very tall? That TDEE is quite high unless you're tall and/or very active.

In my experience, yes, I definitely feel satisfied with smaller meals on NFDs too but have not felt what you describe, although I try to eat mainly complex carbs, protein and healthy fats which don't cause the blood sugar spikes.

kiwidreamer Thu 30-Apr-15 21:48:04

I'm 167cm tall, 5'5/6 I think, 13 Stone, I calculated TDEE based on light exercise which comes out at just over 2000cals, sedentary comes out at 1800cals

Ive been doing really well but totally folded and ate the yogurt, kit Kat, grain bites in no minutes flat... I was possessed by the snack demon I tells ya.

Feeling a bit better now --I've put my fat girl joggers on--, would be grand if I learnt my lesson but history says unlikely

BigChocFrenzy Fri 01-May-15 09:46:02

Well done on losing weight. Don't worry about a bad day or a scales blip; we all succumb sometimes and weight loss is a process over many weeks.

However, best to have proper meals and avoid snacks or grazing:
snacks are often calorie bombs stuffed with sugar & fat.
Even with healthier snacks, eating between meals keeps your insulin levels raised, so you tend to stay hungrier.

If you want a sweet treat, plan it as your pud after a meal, so you are not as hungry and you have a set amount. After a savoury main, you might even find that Greek yog with fruit & nuts hits the spot, imstead of a KitKat

kiwidreamer Sat 02-May-15 22:33:52

Whoop! 1.5lbs down this week, updating incase anyone else has a mid week wobble and feels like throwing in the towel --and eating all the foods-- its worth carrying on... effort equals results ��

BigChocFrenzy Sun 03-May-15 11:21:11

Well done, kiwi smile Weight loss is a matter of patience & persistence

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