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So what do you actually eat..?

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ToastMakesMeHappy Wed 04-Feb-15 08:18:38

I apologise if there is already a thread about this! I'm after inspiration/ideas about what you eat on a FD, I'm going to need to find myself some quick and easy things that need little, if any preparation. I have been looking online, but wanted to ask here too.
Thank you! smile

Gottleogear Wed 04-Feb-15 10:19:25

I find Baxters soups very convenient on fast days also Caburys highlights for any chocolate cravings or Hartleys 10cal jellies smile

fruitpastille Wed 04-Feb-15 10:28:45

Salad with prawns or similar for lunch, soup for cold days. Batch cooked veggie curry already in portions to avoid having extra. Stir fry turkey and veg with soy etc. No noodles, rice obviously! Occasional diet drink if struggling. Also occasional low cal ready meal - waitrose love life fish pie is around 230 calories and I add spinach.

ToastMakesMeHappy Wed 04-Feb-15 12:53:12

I was thinking of low cal ready meals. Or the big pots of fresh soup, carrot and coriander is 250 odd cals for the whole tub and they are really filling. Thank you for the replies

chevronstripes Wed 04-Feb-15 19:59:20

So far I've been eating brunchy stuff like omlettes, soup and veggie stews.

queeneileen Wed 04-Feb-15 20:48:59

Today I've eaten a mug shot cup of pasta thing (175cals) for lunch and for tea I've had a McCains jacket potato with half a tin of tuna, some very low cal cream cheese, and a small tbsp of sweetcorn with a bit of lemon juice in it (319 cals)

If you're after ready meals, M&S Count On Us are loooooooooovely.

TalkinPeace Wed 04-Feb-15 20:54:17

Breakfast = mugs of tea
Lunch = mugs of tea
Supper = spanish omelette / shakshouka / veggie stir fry / BIG pot of soup / beans on ham

BrassicaBabe Wed 04-Feb-15 21:02:15

I'm enjoying the Juice Master's roast pepper and tomato soup at about 170 cals and Hairy Dieters Turkey mince chilli at 285 calories. grin

SconeRhymesWithPhone Wed 04-Feb-15 21:36:18

I save all cals for the evening meal and have something like chicken breast with lots of veggies, or tuna salad, or eggs on marmitey toast. Then a danio protein yogurt for pudding.

MelanieCheeks Wed 04-Feb-15 21:54:16

Mid morning-bovril
Lunch-miso soup
Mid afternoon - satsuma
Dinner-protein veg combo ( prawn stir fry, no noodles, mushroom spinach omelette, steak with ratatouille)

scampbeast Sun 08-Feb-15 14:22:32

I have a mushroom omelet for breakfast, salad or butternut squash soup for lunch, homemade quorn bolognese (no pasta) for dinner. 1/2 oxo cube drink and I have enough calories left for jelly or popcorn if I need a snack.

When I started I thought I must be doing it wrong as I don't feel like I am fasting but the inches and weight are dropping.

PUGaLUGS Sun 08-Feb-15 14:29:27

0% Total yoghurt with a handful of raspberries for lunch, a piece of poached salmon and some undressed salad for tea or the Hairy Dieters stroganoff.

hslsascsas Sun 08-Feb-15 14:41:59

Try a tesco ready meal. They cost £1.20 and have around 300 calories. They're also very tasty! For breakfast how about a low calorie cereal bar ( I love the rice krispie ones ) and for lunch how about a slice of brown bread , low fat spread and chicken. Also, drink water as this may stop you noticing hunger pains so you can save calories for food.

CleverPlansAndSecretTricks Sun 08-Feb-15 14:48:27

My best meal is a slice of toast with 200g cooked spinach on top, with 2 poached eggs on top of that. Lots of salt, pepper and nutmeg mixed though the spinach. It's less than 250 kcal and keeps me full for hours.

Then for dinner raid the veg draw in the fridge and make it all into a curry or big salad or stew.

Hot water with lemon, lots of tea and coffee, and fizzy water with ice and lemon. Bovril if flagging.

zippyandbungle Sun 08-Feb-15 14:55:24

I drink lots of lemon tea throughout the day and save my calories for my evening meal. I usually cook a normal family dinner and just miss the carbs out. Or m&s count on us meal, spinach and ricotta cannelloni is delicious and extremely filling. I also do a Monday and Tuesday fast and really just switch off from food. Then resume normal business for the rest of the week.

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