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bryonyelf Sun 01-Feb-15 08:31:56

My story is that I am 3 stone over weight. Started to change things on 5th January. Lost half a stone in the first 2 weeks and then nothing in week 3 which was the week to last Sunday.

Decided to try 5:2 because of 2 things. First, I wasn't eating enough and becoming too calorie conscious and second, over the next 6 weeks I have several birthdays and a holiday so eating out lots. At least one function each week until 15 march.

My first fast day was Tuesday. During the day I had 2 boiled eggs and a tin of weight watchers tomato soup. At night I had a warburtons thin toasted with a snap pot of beans.

Second fast day which was Thursday was the same during the day followed by Greek yoghurt and fruit at night. Was really hungry and night but kept up the water.

Just weighed myself and 5lbs gone!!!!!

I know it won't continue at this rate but I was so deflated last weekend this has really boosted things.

My big question is that we are going on holiday in2 weeks time to disneyland paris so fasting that week is going to be impossible but I will be walking a lots so a good amount of exercise. I plan on sticking to lots of protein while eating but do you have any other tips at all?

BigChocFrenzy Sun 01-Feb-15 17:50:40

Good start, Bryonelf Well done

Holiday tactics to avoid regain:
. Do daily 16:8 (only eat within an 8-hr window, fast 16 hrs) e.g. skip either breakfast or supper
. NO snacking between meals, just eat 2-3 proper meals per day: 1 main meal and 1-2 small meals.
. With the main meal, have a starter small salad with vinegar dressing
. For dessert, have fresh fruit with no custard or cream
. Avoid / minimise alcohol, sweet treats like muffins, cookies, ice cream etc. .
. Drink lots of water rather than calorific drinks. Start the day with a drink and drink a glass before each meal
. Try alternate days of light eating / normal eating

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