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it it ok?

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hornetgirl Tue 27-Jan-15 13:26:08

Hi, on my third week of 5:2. Doing OK but I am still struggling with the fasting. Day 6 of fasting today. I am doing consecutive days as it seems easier.

I lost 1.1KG the first week and not a bean the second week. I was annoyed as my hubby lost both weeks 9 but he had more to lose!). Still I looked better in the mirror which is some comfort.

Is it OK to have tea and coffee with milk on fasting days?

If I have fasted from 5pm to 9am the next day will a spoon of sugar in my coffee spoil the fast and make me stop burning fat in effect ruining my second fast day?

Is it ok to have tangerines as they are sweet - will this counter-act the point of fasting?

sorry for the randon questions. confused

BigChocFrenzy Tue 27-Jan-15 16:01:44

Do whatever makes FDs easier for you. Just count all cals for milk, sugar, tangerines etc. The most important thing is to stay within 500 cals; meal timing may help, but is not as important.

Also, you can have up to 50 cals total within a 16-hr period without it affecting insulin level significantly, so we would count that as fasting for 16 hrs. (You still include these cals in the 500 limit)

Useful tip: at the beginning of an FD, measure out your planned supply of milk and sugar for the day into 2 little pots. This helps calorie counting and control.

Men nearly always lose more quickly: angry envy
. They have a higher % of muscle and lower % of fat, so it's easier to get into fat-burning mode and they can burn more calories in exercise than we do.
. The TDEE of a man is 500 cals higher on average than a woman, so even though they have 600-cal FDs, they average 800 cals higher deficit per week on 5:2.

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