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Fast days with a baby

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demystified Tue 27-Jan-15 09:56:27

I find it so much harder now, before I would get up for work about 8, make myself really busy and not really notice I hadn't eaten by dinner time then have my calories.

This morning I was up at 5am with the baby and I feel like I have went a full day fasting already and I still have 7/8hours to go. Might need to try and get out and about.

BigChocFrenzy Tue 27-Jan-15 15:51:30

That sounds tough. You are doing very well to be at all functional !
Keeping busy, doing errands, having a walk should all help
Try "buggy or sling intervals": alternate intervals of 2 mins brisk pace, 30 secs normal pace. Keep that up for 20 mins and its a good workout

btw: if you are BFing, you can do up to 1000-cal FDs.
Some Bfers do that 3 x weekly, if they want quicker weight loss. Or you can stick to 2FDs and gradually reduce to around 700 cals.

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