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5:2 or 4:3

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spiny1965 Mon 29-Dec-14 12:46:57

I knew I was putting on a little weight and that I had to act early before it got out of hand. I heard of the 5:2 diet so read the book and started immediately. Not really one to go softly, softly I went in head first and straight onto the 4:3 program. I am very much a creature of routine so I fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday AND, the first week of every month I throw in Thursday as well just for giggles. Interestingly, I expected the hunger to build over the 3 day fast but, curiously, it actually doesn't. Day 3 is the same as day 1, honestly. Come Saturday morning, i'm no hungrier than usual.
On top of this, my Fast days are just that, Fast Days. I allow myself only a Large Skinny Flat white coffee in the morning, (to feed the addiction) then nothing but water and black coffee until the following morning.
Been going very well for 4 months without a hitch (Including Xmas and New Year) I've dropped 10kgs, 11cm from my waist and have my BMI down from 19 to 12. I had all my blood tests done just after starting so really looking forward to the next round of results. (I had high Cholesterol and high fasting BSL)
This,(4:3) is definately not for everyone but I love it. It's the easiest thing i've done and I know I can maintain this as a life choice rather than something I need to do. I don't really eat any extra on feasting days in fact servings have dropped considerably as I simply can't eat as much.
Here's the thing though. My biggest concern was how it would affect my training. Short answer is "It doesn't" In fact I feel great and train longer and harder than before when I was basically in a constant state of digestion.
Pro's -
My shopping bill has reduced by over 50%.
Obvious health benefits.
No food is banned so I crave nothing. I just put it off till tomorrow.
More sleep; I love feasting day so go to bed early in anticipation.
More time as I dont have to cook nearly as much.
Started just in time so didn't have to buy new wardrobe. My clothes all fit again.
Con's -
I cant think of one. (Maybe only 1 coffee on Fast days)

I think that when I loose a couple more kilo's I'll probably go to 5:2 but will still keep the monthly 3 day Fast as I really do feel great after.

christmaspies Mon 29-Dec-14 12:50:56

Bmi down to 12? Is that healthy? How tall are you?

isitsnowingyet Mon 29-Dec-14 12:54:11

Flippin' heck - BM! of 12?? Tell me this is a typo please. Or a wind up?

BigChocFrenzy Mon 29-Dec-14 17:04:12

Spiny I hope that BMI 12 is a typo, or even a silly windup.
If not, please STOP fasting and see your GP immediately

Below BMI 18.5 is officially underweight, so BMI 12 is dangerous. Your health would be at serious risk.

For anyone else considering 5:2 or 4:3:
Complete fasting on FDs is NOT advisable longterm. You should aim for 500 cals on most FDs (600 for men).
Don't do 4 FDs per week - 2 or 3 is plenty

Storytown Mon 29-Dec-14 17:23:09

OMG. At BMI 19 you were only just within the healthy range. Please talk to someone in real life and get to the doctors.

spiny1965 Wed 31-Dec-14 14:36:23

Definately not underweight (and not a wind-up).
I will confirm the reading with my nutritionalist in case I got it wrong (which from the response it appears I have) but at 5'9" and 82kg i'm far from underweight.
I compete in iron man triathlons and am very aware of nutritional requirements so recognise very quickly any signs that affect my training as that is my priority.
I think my point is that I have returned to my "Happy" weight, reduced fat around my waist. 1-2 more kilo's and I can then return to 5:2 or similar to maintain my weight and enjoy the health benefits that fasting provides. As I said the 4:3 is not for everybody as it takes a lot more discipline (and it assumes you have no social life) but it works for me without any negative affects.
Thank you all for your responses and concern but I can assure you there is no eating problem here and not likely to be as I love my food.
Happy New Year all!

Storytown Wed 31-Dec-14 15:45:17

I suspect I'm about to get sucked into something I shouldn't, but how is it possible to complete in/train for Ironmans and fast 3 days a week?

spiny1965 Wed 31-Dec-14 19:23:50

Easier than you think. Just need to structure your training Vs Recovery carefully and in advance. Keep long rides/runs to feasting days and ensure you eat 20-30mins after you session (high protein) and continued to eat/snack throughout the feasting period. Fasting days are mixed between swims/stretching/gym and recovery sessions. Nothing that will require you to go into a calorie debt.
Obviously Race week does not include any fasting and I wouldn't recommend it for the week after during recovery. Keep in mind I started this as I was carrying to much weight so could well afford to burn fat as fuel source. At the (now) lower body fat I would probably switch to the traditional 5:2 with 600cal so as not to put too much additional stress on the body.

BMI Vs Body Fat. The figure of 12 I gave actually refers to body fat % which makes more sense. Sorry about the confusion.

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Sat 03-Jan-15 15:18:07

I'm about to give 4:3 a go, but am worried about hair loss, which always seems to happen when I train hard and eat right, I was going to up the protein and try nourkin, but am at a bit of a loss as to whether it will work! (

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