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Breastfeeding and 5:2

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tmae Sun 14-Sep-14 22:51:41

Is this okay?

Also, I have a lot of weight I want to lose, would 4:3 be a better idea?

tmae Sun 14-Sep-14 22:55:04

Or alternate day fasting?

CheesyBadger Sun 14-Sep-14 22:59:31

5:2 is enough, it goes fast for me and I lose it fairly quickly. I think it should be ok whilst bf, just make sure your 500 calories really count and are nutritious. Your other days don't change so no worries there

TravelinColour Sun 14-Sep-14 22:59:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Vacillating Sun 14-Sep-14 23:02:41

Works - 5:2 plenty don't have more fasting days. Won't harm bf but you will loose weightsmile

BigChocFrenzy Sun 14-Sep-14 23:31:07

We advise BFers to start at 1000 cal FDs for 5:2, then gradually reduce to 700 if they feel ok. You can always return to 1000 at growth spurts.

If you decide to do 4:3 or ADF (Alternate Day Fasting) then keep to 1000- cal FDs, as advised by Dr Varady.

Health and supply are the priorities. A loss of 1lb per week is sustainable and safe.

tmae Mon 15-Sep-14 17:31:36

Lovely, thank you all.

My son is 8 months old so is now on food too although he doesn't eat full meals yet but doesn't solely rely on milk. I plan to let him self-wean all being well but really want to lose weight. I'll plan to start off doing 5:2 with 1,000 cals and adjust it as seems sensible. Thanks again.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 15-Sep-14 17:43:00

Have a read of this on Kellymom.

Could you try Slimming World instead? Its much more bfing friendly smile

MildDrPepperAddiction Mon 15-Sep-14 17:53:37

Watching with interest. Did 5:2 before getting pregnant and keen to start again.

BigChocFrenzy Mon 15-Sep-14 20:52:06

Some 5:2ers are doing tandem feeds with toddler, no problem with supply

I'd say avoid anything that requires a subscription or buying special meals - these firms make you wallet slimmer.
On 5:2, no need to buy anything and most folk find food bills are cheaper.

BigChocFrenzy Mon 15-Sep-14 20:53:00

your wallet

BetsyBell Mon 15-Sep-14 21:33:21

Hello - we've had lots of 5:2ers who have breastfed with no supply issues, quite the opposite in many cases apparently! Certainly no need to switch to subscription-based dieting... grin

There's a BF 5:2 thread somewhere, I'll find and link in a mo smile

BetsyBell Mon 15-Sep-14 21:39:16

Lots of useful anecdotal 5:2 BF info here

MilchMama Tue 14-Oct-14 18:03:17

I'm tandem-feeding my 8 mo and 2.5 yo and have been 5:2ing since DC2 was about 2mo. Milk supply is still great, no issues with being particularly hungry on fast days, and I'm back to my pre-DC weight of 53 kg (a loss of over 21 kg in six months).

I was very sick on my first fast day. I have no idea why, but it never happened again. I started at about 800 cals, but can now easily do 500. I just drink loads of water and tea! I probably only do one fast day every other week now just to maintain, although I have given up breakfast for good.

BigChocFrenzy Thu 16-Oct-14 20:49:57

21 kg in 6 months and right down to a low weight - That's brilliant !
Well done, MilchMama

MilchMama Wed 22-Oct-14 17:39:06

Thanks grin technically four kilos was baby

A lot of thanks are due to you and the other contributors on this board. I attempted to follow the exercise thread but gave up and ate cake when I realised the weight was dropping off by itself.

Cullercoats88 Sat 01-Nov-14 14:05:49

How soon after giving birth did you do the 5:2?

I did it for a year prior to being pregnant (I'm now approaching 7mnths) and I lost 2stone within 6mnths, but kept it all off pretty much until I was 12weeks pregnant. I have got to be honest I can't wait to be fasting again!! Would it be ok to go back to 5:2 diet 6-8weeks after birth or is that too soon?

BigChocFrenzy Sat 01-Nov-14 19:18:53

Congratulations on your baby
I think we usually say wait 3 months, to give your body time to recover, but it depends how you feel.
Hopefully some fasting mums will post and say when they started.

Sleepysheepsleeping Sat 01-Nov-14 19:26:48

I did it but started off with 1000 days and then 750 days when I was feeding less in the night. I ended up making sure my average was 1200 over a week (my recommended amount for 1lb loss a week on my fitness pal), some weeks it would be roughly 1200 every day, sometimes it would be 3 or 2 x 750 5 at 1350 or 4 days at 1000 3 at 1450 etc. And I'd give myself a week off if exhausted with newborn, just made sure my average intake for that week was not over my weight maintenance figure.

BigChocFrenzy Sat 01-Nov-14 22:15:35

Thanks sleepy That sounds a sensible routine and 1lb loss per week is a good target
How long after birth did you start ?

Sleepysheepsleeping Sun 02-Nov-14 05:47:30

I started at about 10-12 weeks I think

Sleepysheepsleeping Sun 02-Nov-14 05:49:57

Oh, and I went from 11 stone 10 to 9 stone 10 in 3 months smile
I tracked everything I ate on MFP and exercised twice a week in a buggy fitness class and walked everywhere (5 miles of school runs a day)

Cullercoats88 Sun 02-Nov-14 12:45:23

It's good to hear all your achievements!!

Congratulations on huge weight loss sleepysheep I'm just eager to feel really healthy and fit again. That being said I do feel great at the moment just trying to avoid glutonous desire for cake and all things sweet!!

BigChocFrenzy Sun 02-Nov-14 15:27:23

Well done sleepy That's excellent
Why not start at 10 weeks, Culler Good luck

coniferssilhouette Thu 27-Nov-14 20:15:47

Thank you for all your feedback, and congratulations to you all!

Would AFDs be too much? I'm very tempted to start doing 750cals every other day, but I have had an eating disorder in the past so don't want to do it if it sounds like a slip into that again.

I started this week and have done one fast day and was fine on the day but a bit shaky the next, but that doesn't bother me. I don't know if it is because I have quite a night feedy type baby maybe.

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