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Hello, I didn't know there was an IF thread...

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Nomama Thu 24-Jul-14 18:39:02

... until BigChoc mentioned it on another thread!

I have been IFing intermittently (sorry) for about 3 years. I have lost 3 stones in that time.

I had done a lot of reading about it before the Mosley programme. I spent hours in the medical library in Bristol and the Uni library at work. I read exercise physiology and endocrinology journals for months. **

Eventually I found a really simple guide/How To, JUDDD (Johnsons Up Day Down Day Diet), and it was really easy to follow. I followed all of his advice, basically there is only 1 rule: eat your calories. So that and finding the fasting pattern that suited me I ended up with my own version of 5:2.

I have lost 3 stones and dropped loads of fat, did anyone else notice that back fat just disappears one night? I was dress size 20 ish and am now close to size 14. And none of it hurt - OK the first week was a nightmare. oh the headaches, but that was all.

I haven't dieted at all this year. I gave myself time off to move house and get settled in. So on Monday I lept on the scales for the first time this year... I have gained weight, a whole 4lbs! I did check on 2 other scales, that is right, 4lbs, in 7 months. With no conscious regulating.

I knew IFing had given me a 'Full Button' but I didn't know it was fully functional even when I wasn't thinking about dieting!

So, I have started again. I have 1 more stone to lose, well 1 stone and 4lbs smile

**Sorry, I am always torn between saying, I have a lot of experience and information in health and exercise etc and trying not to sound like I am trying to boast. But I have a Masters degree and 15 years experience working with the NHS dieticians, fitness instructing and lecturing in physical activity and health.

But I am also physiologically broken and desperately trying to regain the fitness levels and weight I used to have.

BigChoc, any help/information on HIIT will be read with interest, as I can't exercise much any more. So I need to find a new way of exercising that I can cope with. I'll have a look and see what you have already posted....

Again thanks for letting me know this forum exists grin

BigChocFrenzy Thu 24-Jul-14 20:30:54

There you are
Lots of info on the Exercise thread.
You sound pretty expert, but sometimes an independent opinion is useful
I'm quite used to suggesting customised routines, according to:
fitness levels, gym or home or park, available time etc

HIIT and IF are both based on the principles of Hormesis, so I really nudge folks towards HIIT, Fast Fitness and Fast Strength blasts.
Anyway, post something there and let's see.

Nomama Fri 25-Jul-14 08:35:28

Sometimes all that knowledge does is make me vascillate between 20 different thoughts. I didn't do it with clients!!

I'm off for a read with pen and paper....

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