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Eating your exercise calories on a fast day

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Caramelkate Wed 23-Jul-14 21:29:15

I have my fitbit connected to MFP, which gives, from what I've read, an accurate calories burned adjustment, most if which I am eating ( though it's early days) but on a fast day do I eat all the extra exercise calories or only a 1/4 of them, or even none?
Thanks smile

BigChocFrenzy Wed 23-Jul-14 22:44:44

Hi Caramel
You don't eat back ANY exercise cals on FDs.
The FD calorie intake is the same whether you are sedentary or a mad gym bunny: 500 for women, 600 for the chaps.

Yes, if you are an intense exerciser you may burn more than 500 cals, so you have minus cals for that FD.

Re NFDs: see how it goes.
Many gadgets are accurate at comparing cals burnt on different days, but may be say 15% inaccurate in the absolute number of cals burned.

Also, our bodies are not computers,and some people find if they eat back their exercise cals that their weight loss slows down, especially after the initial loss

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