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5:2 & low carb?

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idontlikealdi Wed 23-Jul-14 16:03:40

So I seem to have got myself a bit confused and have done 5:2 for 3 weeks and lost 11lb which is great.

I've kind of ended up low carbing as well as it seemed like an easy way to get to the 500 cal meal and have just carried on on NFDs.

BUT, I feel horrendous, light headed, dizzy, headaches the lot. Am I putting myself through some kind of perpetual carb flu as I'm not being totally strict with it.

Should I forget about low carb and just do 5:2 or can you do both hand in hand?

Any experience welcomed.

MollyBdenum Wed 23-Jul-14 16:13:26

I do low carb on fast days and moderate carb on non fast days (i.e. I might eat low carb, or I might have a bit of sweet potato, wholemeal bread, brown rice or even ice cream and chocolate if I really want to) and I feel ok. Are you drinking enough?

idontlikealdi Wed 23-Jul-14 16:49:27

Loads Molly - about 3l today and still going. Is it possible to have too much?!

Maybe I need to up the carbs on NFDs to a more moderate level, will give it a go.

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