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5:2 :- 2 years on .. Backsliders and Rescinders: Recommit with me..

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Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 18:14:09

Hi there, Im one of the 'old original' 5:2ers who started way back in August 2012 and lost 24lbs..

I maintained for over a year and was active on the Maintainers thread , but sadly since last summer/Autumn, ive backslid.. Now I'm 12lbs up off my lowest weight again sad

I know what to do , I know it works , but I can hardly say I should be on the 'maintainers' again. So im posting a new thread here , in the hope that I may find some other backsliders willing to recommit along with me before it's too late ..

Come and join me again before its too late.. We can regroup and get back on track.. I'm still managing to squeeze into my sz 10s (mostly) but I cant afford a new wardrobe, I dont want to buy a larger one.. and I certainly do want to get back to what I was (and maybe finish the job properly with another half stone off , so I can rejoin the Maintainers and comfortably say that this WOE is really this time going to stay with me for life..

So anyone with me? .. I have fasted today (first one for ages) .. WE CAN DO IT AGAIN!!

Chocupid Mon 21-Jul-14 19:27:59

Hi Laska42 Glad your back, I remember you being around when I was on the thread.

I lost 3 stone last year on this WOE and I too have fell off the wagon, stopped login on MFP stopped posting here and stopped Fasting...
I've put over a stone back on and can't seem to get back into 2 FD's again.
I keep doing one then overeating!

It would be good to have the support, great idea!

On a positive I Have fasted successfully today too (saved my cals for dinner yet to eat).
Let's see who's with us for the second FD

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 19:38:03

chocupid Hi there good to have you here .. !

Yes MFP .. I found that a great tool ( stopped using it! ill go back in later and rejoin ) .. I have decided im doing 5:2 low carb at least for a week.

Then if ive lost ..ill think about how in going to carry on ( but day 1 and theres an open bottle of wine inthe fridge. always my downfall especially inthe summer..)

But right now im thinking of my waistline and bra size (always put it back on the boobs )and my new bras are esp uncomfortable right now in this heat ..

I used to do 4:3 but it all seems a bit hard right now..

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 20:13:57

ok MFP says I have eaten about 750 today.. but i'm ok with that.. im going to keep it below my TDEE tomorrow though.. and fast again Wednesday or Thursday..

Have just had a courgette ( we have loadsinthe garden) and redpepper stirfry with a little turkey mince. I had eggs for breakfast (and some cold chicken..) ... Always used to do two meals found it worked best for me..

Am making a turkey 'meatloaf' with the rest of the mince with grated courgettes and herbs (like the ottolenghi burgers am going to cut it into slices and put inthe freezer .. it always used to be one of my favourites and works out at about 160 per slice..

Framboisier Mon 21-Jul-14 20:25:14

Was doing so well at maintaining on only one FD a week...fell off the wagon at Christmas and never got back on again!

And we're off on holiday in 4 weeks so am hoping to drop just a few pounds to not look grim/pregnant in my swimsuit!

Today is the first day...just about to have my dinner which is a prawn gum yum from Cook. I find that ready prepared things are easier to deal with calories are clearer and actually it's a bit of a treat to have a pret a manger salad for lunch then this for dinner. Well, doesn't feel quite so painful at least!

Framboisier Mon 21-Jul-14 20:25:42

Just realised all my sentences ended with !
I will stop this

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 20:30:07

s'ok framboisier! Welcome.. We can do it again .. grin

Chocupid Mon 21-Jul-14 21:19:37

Wow laska 4:3 seems hard core right now for me.
Just logged in MFP and I'm upto 475. I had homemade lamb burger and lettuce on a brown muffin.
STEP AWAY FROM THE WINE, today has to be success!
Tbh I could leave the wine it makes me ill (I'm a wimp and get real bad hangovers) so I drink gin grin but not lots, I'd rather have food and chocolate than alcohol

I'm the same Fram! Welcome!! (Ok I'll stop now)
I found it easier last year with ready meals and calorie counted stuff, portion size was a problem with home cooking.
4 weeks to Hols for you, we need to get serious, then you can be in the zone to get off any holiday weight quickly too.

Congrats to us for getting back to it and a successful FD.

spookyskeleton Mon 21-Jul-14 21:30:21

Can I join?

I didn't lose much but I do truly believe this WOE works and is much better for me than watching what I eat every day. I know I eat too much on my non-fast days so my weight is remaining stable rather than dropping.

I need to get my head round this, use MFP and focus!

I have a holiday in 5 weeks and if I could just drop some weight, that would be great smile

Framboisier Mon 21-Jul-14 21:37:18

Just having my earl grey before bed...510 in MFP.
Actually not too hard today (touch wood)...despite DH tormenting me by having a beer envy

Back to normal tomorrow ;-)

Good luck ladies

Framboisier Mon 21-Jul-14 21:38:55

Hey spooky - we can be each other's holiday motivators grin

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 21:45:48

I've been on my summer hol already but thinking i might go visit a friend in France at the end of September ( shes not seen me for 18 months , so I want to be as I was!) ..

Right I'm off to bed with mint tea and book ..(havent touched the [wine!] Yay!)

Good to have a few of us 'backsliders' here .. we wont be doing so for long!'

PrimalLass Mon 21-Jul-14 21:53:34

Yes me. Lost 16 lb and am in danger of it going back on (was 5lb up this morning). I need to lose at least another stone.

I keep looking at the main thread but can't face it.

PrimalLass Mon 21-Jul-14 22:05:34

I am at about 800. I will fast again on Wed.

ANecklaceOfRaindrops Mon 21-Jul-14 22:15:42

Count me in.

I was on the original thread 2 years ago, lost over a stone in 4months and felt fab. I fell off the wagon about a year or so ago, only put 5lbs back on, but unfortunately I always put weight on on my face and my stomach so I'm really aware of it and it's too much for my frame as I'm fine boned underneath.

I just need to get back into the habit of remembering that hunger is not a bad thing. I know I can do and I know it works. I need to find some of the old recipes we used to have for mini lunches and suppers.

We're ttc at the moment too and I don't think carrying any extra weight will help, plus the less extra I'm carrying to start with, then the less there will be to lose afterwards (we I finally get that that bfp!)

Hudsoncolly Mon 21-Jul-14 22:23:36

Hi everyone

Backslided lurker here... I remember reading through all the original 5:2 threads (is it really 2 years ago? shock ). I was so inspired by everyone's success, and Laska's jeans getting baggier and baggier, I started 5:2 and loved it. Lost just over a stone in time to wear a fab dress for the Christmas do, but then got lazy and, needless to say put it all on again.

This is the start of my fifth week doing 4:3, and it's going pretty well. This thread appeals to me because we all know we can do it, but need to keep motivated.

Come on, let's get this done! grin

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 22:24:08

Oh, ive just come back again quickly to remind everyone about the importance of drinking water..(on a FD or not)

Can we manage our 2l tomorrow? its a habit I need to get back into....

Also tomorrow how about we all weigh and measure ourselves (no need to share if you dont want to but do write it down somewhere so you can track it )..

Well done all fasters today .. we are on our way again!

Laska42 Mon 21-Jul-14 22:27:02

and welcome spooky primallass necklaceofraindrops and Hudsoncolly.. back tomorrow now ..

PrimalLass Mon 21-Jul-14 23:07:49

I read an article last week about the incidence of cancer and how it is hugely reduced by drinking water. I wish I could find it.

Chocupid Mon 21-Jul-14 23:25:51

Hi all, quite a few of us then, great, more support!
I'm up for the weigh and measure tomorow ... Time to face the music I suppose.
See you all tomorow. brew

spookyskeleton Tue 22-Jul-14 07:25:11

Morning smile

FD for me today and determined to not give up halfway through the day as I have been doing recently. But my downfall is definitely NFD's blush blush

Will weigh and measure myself today if someone can guide me where to measure!

I know I need to shift 3 stone to be happy so I am not going to do that in the 5 weeks before my holiday hmm

On the plus side, I exercise a lot and completed my first ever 10k run at the weekend...just goes to show how much I eat that my weight is not dropping blush blush

Good luck to any fasters today.

JennyOnTheBlocks Tue 22-Jul-14 07:32:44

Just letting you know I'm here and lurking, waiting to get all clear from GP so I can start fasting again.

Lost 3 stones between september last and may this year, but have just had hysterectomy so been on virtual house arrest and no holds barred food intake.

I know I've put on weight, I was 1 1/2 stone off target before surgery, so even if I've gained that amount, I lost it once I can do it again.

Laska42 Tue 22-Jul-14 07:56:45

Morning all ! and welcome jenny good to see everyonehere hope you are on well the way to feeling better.

Well ive had breakfast - eggs ..not fasting today but and am Low carbing ( this is probably just for this week in a hope to start me off.. though i cant say yet if im giving up my wine at the weekend (am thinking of it but it may be too much! ) .

10.13 this morning sad my goal is to get back to 10st ..
Waist 33.5 (thats a bit of a shock but am apple shape .. best ive been for adult life has been 31..)
Hips 38,( was 37 ) boobs, always been busty .. ( 36D bra .. its about right) have tried the brain intervention on style and beauty and they say i should be 34 D, but they fit anymore sad)..

Right must go to work. (should have left already ..)

See you later ..

Good luck all fasting today .. I feel like we are already a little 'alternative' 5:2 community..

OoOoOoOo ...Water Water Water... oOoOoOoO

Dont forget!

PrimalLass Tue 22-Jul-14 08:02:39

OK here we go:
11.5 this morning shock I was 11.1 2 weeks ago (before my holiday). I want to be 10.0 by Christmas (preferably by the October holidays), and would love to be 10.13 in 4 weeks (school reunion).

Forgot to measure my stomach and have had two large coffees and two pints of water (was up at 6).

My legs have got so flabby. I did the Moonwalk 2 months ago and they were so toned, now everything feels tight, although I am the same weight as I was then.

PrimalLass Tue 22-Jul-14 08:03:37

Hi Jenny smile

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