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Anyone know anything about exercise injuries and 5:2?

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stoopstofolly Wed 16-Jul-14 19:41:28

I think my trainer may be talking rubbish, but I don't know enough to challenge him on it.

I've been doing 5:2 or 4:3 since the new year, and have lost 40lbs! smile I've lurked on the thread a lot, and read some superb advice, especially around exercising (BigChoc!) and joined the gym at work. Just using the C25k app I've managed to go from not being able to run for longer than 2 mins, to regularly running 5k. I'm very proud and in the best shape of my life. I'm finally a healthy BMI, although have another 17lbs to go to reach goal weight.

One of my company benefits, as well as the gym, is subsidised personal training. I thought I'd look at including some weight/ resistance training into my gym sessions so signed up for a PT. Shortly after I noticed my hip was really hurting when I ran- I'd stop running for a week, it would improve, and then come back when I started running again. I think it's trochanteric bursitis, and I've got a doctors appt about it.

I mentioned this to the PT who told me that "starving" myself for a few days a week could cause hip and joint problems- he said that long term I would be deficient in things like calcium, fat and protein, causing muscoskeletal problems. Now, I thought weighing 40lbs less would be better for me and my poor joints, but now every time I see him he keeps harping in about how I'm damaging myself and permanently slowing my metabolism. Is there any truth in this or should I ditch him and sign up with someone else?

BigChocFrenzy Wed 16-Jul-14 22:58:12

First, well done losing 40lb, that's wonderful !
You've really transformed your health and fitness. I bet your friends and family are impressed.

That trainer is an ignoramus, both about deficiencies and about metabolism.
He's obviously not bothered to keep up with recent science in his job. Intermittent fasting is becoming one of the standard techniques in the fitness world for those wanting to lose fat.

I woudn't waste time listing all the peer-reviewed science papers and human studies for him. His responsibility to keep up to date.
Choose someone who is open-minded about diet and explain you have a sensible weekly deficit which has enabled you to lose 40lb healthily and sustainably.
Any trainer should be complimenting you on how much you've achieved.

Running when you're overweight, or with poor technique, can often cause joint injuries, because of the repeated impacts throughout your run - the impact force is several times that experienced when walking.

That's why I recommend HIIT spin as cardio for most folk.
However, if you like running, that's fine. Just get some expert advice and monitoring from a trainer re your running technique, because that has a lot of effect on injury rate. Lots of articles and blogs e.g. ImpactForceRunning

stoopstofolly Thu 17-Jul-14 13:10:22

Thank you so much! I've had a look at the info and it's really interesting. I saw the gym manager about moving trainers and he didn't seem surprised. Rolled his eyes a bit when I filled him in. I'm now seeing someone who can help me both with running and including some HIIT training. I'm also going to be filmed while running for gait analysis. It's quite exciting for an (ex) tubbie who hadn't taken any exercise since the 1980's!
I love the 5:2- it's the only thing that's ever worked and I can see me managing a whole new way of eating long term.
Thanks for getting back to me grin

Nomama Thu 24-Jul-14 18:10:47

He is definitely an ignoramus!

IFing does not restrict your overall nutrient intake, IFing changes the body chemistry to make some types of exercise more beneficial (like HIIT).

But don't blame him. His PT education will not have covered much more than 'physiology 101', so he is only telling you the 'safe' message.

Have fun with it smile

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