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low TDEEs, is it heightist?

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livelablove Thu 10-Jul-14 18:23:28

I am 5ft0 and it seems like if I ever made it to my goal weight, my TDEE would be really low. This seems really unfair especially as I just worked out DH is allowed 2900cals. So it is also sexist! Hmm well this diet was popularised by a man (Dr. Mosley!)

BigChocFrenzy Fri 11-Jul-14 01:01:44

TDEE is also ageist !

BreadandWine regained an inch in height by doing pullups, prodded encouraged on the exercise thread. However, very few adults can even attempt pullups. The alternative of a medieval torture rack probably violates Health & Safety regs.

Increasing weight would increase TDEE, not good unless it's muscle.

You probably don't want a sex change operation.

So, the only factor you can change is your exercise level.
At 58 and 5'3" my TDEE would be <1500. However, as a lifelong exerciser, currently 5-6 days per week, my TDEE is actually 2400.

You need to build up exercise gradually. Go for HIIT and strength exercises, as these are the most effective.

livelablove Fri 11-Jul-14 07:28:50

Wow, that's amazing that breadandwine regained an inch! Must have been really good for the spine, which is interesting to me with my back problems. However I think you may be right about the pull Ups.
O.k I guess I am going to have to give this exercise thing of which you speak a go.

Eastpoint Fri 11-Jul-14 07:32:33

I've grown since I was 26, 1 ½ inches. Pilates & not working in an office is my guess. Sadly I've also grown out as well grin

livelablove Fri 11-Jul-14 09:01:41


livelablove Fri 11-Jul-14 09:03:56

Haha I have always joked I am under tall, not overweight. I am not sure even pilates will help me grow to 6'6 though.

TalkinPeace Sat 12-Jul-14 19:41:32

TDEE does not discriminate.
It just makes us face the reality
eg that I am taller than my DD but being 30 years older have the same TDEE !

but getting fit will make the weight loss easier

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