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goodasitgets Wed 02-Jul-14 01:08:59

I need some help. I've been having a go at 16:8 today. Brief explanation of history, I work better on low carb as hypoglycaemic, also have eating disorder (under control)
So I worked out my TDEE which gives me 2472. BMR is 1798
Today I've eaten 1586 cals in the 8hrs, I work weird shifts and this 16:8 fits perfectly
I've possibly underestimated on exercise. The minimum a week is 1hr pole, 1hr riding, and 1hr dog walking. Max is as above but 2hrs each
Why, if I don't eat my TDEE, and I do so much exercise am I still so damn heavy?!
Even the doctor weighs me twice as they never believe I'm the weight I am

And is 16:8 meant to be done every day?

BigChocFrenzy Wed 02-Jul-14 23:41:43

3 days a week is officially borderline light / moderate exercise when calculating TDEE, especially if one day is only dog-walking.
Was that 2472 calculated for "lightly active" ?

A weekly deficit of 3000 cals, which your figures for today considerably exceed, should theoretically produce a 1 lb loss.
To achieve this deficit on 16:8, you would normally need to do it daily.

Maybe logging your calories today has influenced you to make better choices. That has happened in human studies. You need to log over a week and decide if it is typical.
Have you weighed portions of anything that isn't a ready meal, including meat, beans ?
If calories are quoted for portion size, check the size of that portion - it can be tiny.
Cooking oil, dressing, sauces, cheese, butter are all calorie dense, so you need to measure portion size accurately when logging.

Also, every body is unique. What may affect your metabolism:
. Medications
. Thyroid
. Peri / menopause (I don't know your age)
. Previous dieting
. Previous EDs

If you are sure that you regularly eat several hundred cals below TDEE, then your body may be too stressed, producing cortisol and hanging onto its fat.
If so, try one day per week making sure you eat nutritiously to at least your TDEE, dropping 16:8 for that day.
You definitely need to eat above your BMR on an average day

goodasitgets Thu 03-Jul-14 01:10:30

Thank you. Yes I calculated for lightly active. I should add I was previously tracking on MFP so I'm pretty aware of what cals etc I'm eating
I probably overestimate cals so I'm careful to track exactly
I work odd shifts which means I never eat at the same times too smile
Have done 16:8 again today and ok, hungry now though
My disorder means I tend to see things like 2 biscuits as a binge, I also punish with food by "you just ate that, now you can't eat until tomorrow" it's a lot of body image stuff I guess
Have lost 30lbs low carb (before/after below)
Probably about another 4 or 5 stone to go

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