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Quick question re timing of fast days

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ihaveadirtydog Thu 19-Jun-14 11:20:55

Started last week with fasts on Monday and Wednesday - just black coffee for breakfast and lunch and a 500 calorie dinner.

Fasted this Monday in the same way - all fine but for various reasons it would fit in better for me to fast from Wednesday lunchtimes.

So yesterday I had a big lunch and haven't consumed any calories since 1pm yesterday. What's the best time to eat again? And should it be 500 cals or is the fast 'over'?


BigChocFrenzy Thu 19-Jun-14 11:47:35

FDs are:
. normal supper on the NFD before.
. 500 cals total on the FD
. normal breakfast and other meals on the NFD

So the period of fasting is much longer than the 24 hours you are considering.
A 24-hr fast can be ok for maintenance; also men are often able to lose on it.
However, women usually have slower weight loss with this system.

I suggest that today you try to eat 500 -600 cals total, either as 1 meal or split between lunch and supper. So, you would have a slightly longer FD than most.

If you really want only a 24 hour FD, then I recommend you keep lunch and supper to no more than 500 cals each.

ihaveadirtydog Thu 19-Jun-14 11:53:24

Thanks-yes will try to do that. I don't have much to lose really so maybe 5.5:1.5 might be ok?

Otherwise I'll go back to a normal Wednesday fast

BigChocFrenzy Thu 19-Jun-14 15:50:21

See how your weight goes and tweak if necessary.
Losing the last 7-10 lb is by far the slowest and most difficult part.
Most people have to be quite strict to manage it.
Oh and don't forget to measure your waist. That is more important than the scales.

ihaveadirtydog Fri 20-Jun-14 06:50:48

Will do!
Although had to write off yesterday as got invited out for dinner and certainly didn't stick to 500!

Think I will have to forgo my lovely lunch (provided by work) on a Wednesday and treat it as a normal fast day.

I don't really want to be skipping meals in front of the kids at the moment so am restricted to fasting on work days.

7lb off would be fab.

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