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Advice when on nights?

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ElBombero Tue 10-Jun-14 22:59:27

Any tips? I always do FD when at work, but night duty starts next week. Any advice?

BigChocFrenzy Wed 11-Jun-14 22:39:52

This is advice for shift workers from Dr Michelle Harvie (5:2 uses some of her scientific research):

- drink water frequently
- Have a light meal during the night
- And a small breakfast when you finish

. That plan should work for both FDs and NFDs
. FD meals at work obviously small, up to 250 cals each
. NFDs would need 1-2 additional larger meals at home

This screenshot from her book details a healthy night shift lifestyle.

AngieM2 Sun 22-Jun-14 20:44:28

I tackle nights as follows. And this is for a single night option but you can tailor it for a first and end night scenario if you're doing more than 1. Take it as steadily as possible on the day you start nights, eat as light as possible during the shift (sometimes I've been hard core and stopped eating at midnight). Usually i stop eating around 4-5am. Go to bed. Get up 3pm. Eat nothin til 7-8ish then have a soup/very light meal (200-400 cals). Go to bed 10-11pm. Eat nothing til noon the next day. So you wont do a prolonged fast period but its enough.

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