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Can anyone help me get started? I am a problem starter

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ernesttheBavarian Fri 17-Jan-14 17:46:48

Big problem is getting started. As soon as I decide to start I go an a ravenous gorging feast hunting out even the kids Christmas sweets etc. I won't buy anything now but still got loads in house.

I can fast without thinking about it until about 4 then I just go on a food binge on anything. Uncontrollable. How do you stop that?

Finally, in theory I would like to fast Wednesday and Friday. BUT I work in a school and have to take the kids for lunch every other Wednesday, so can't not eat with them iyswim. Plus, I am worried about not eating when I'm working - would be mortified for tummy to rumble mid lesson. But dh against so can't do it at W/E. (I work Mon to Wed).

I am doing more exercise and totally off the booze and going to bed earlier, but gaining weight cos all I've done is stuff my face since deciding to get fit and healthy. hmm

How do I get my mind in the zone??

clarinetV2 Fri 17-Jan-14 19:09:33

I'm a very new starter, ernest, so more experienced posters may well have other strategies to help you. I've had three fast days so far, and I've used the 'not yet' tactic. When I get the urge to binge I persuade myself to leave it for half an hour and do something else - preferably something that I can't do at the same time as eat! Go for a walk, write emails, do some tidying-up, whatever, just something to keep me occupied for half an hour. If I still feel like binging after that, I put it off the same way for another half hour and so on. It's worked on my three fast days so far though yesterday (third day) was by far the most difficult.

I've seen advice on threads saying it's best to leave most of your calorie intake until later in the day on fast days. Doesn't work for me. I have mine mid-morning and lunchtime. Maybe you need to experiment with the timing until you find a pattern that works for you?

If Wednesdays won't work, are Mondays or Tuesdays any better? Not sure what to do with the tummy rumble worries, though. It's not something that's ever bothered me. What's the nature of your DH's objection to fasting one of the weekend days? Could he be talked round if it's best for you?

TalkinPeace Fri 17-Jan-14 19:43:41

I'm spamming this link a bit as I think its wonderful, but have a read

you need to analyse why you are eating.
what activity is it displacing?
why is your DH against you getting leaner and reducing your diabetes / stroke / dementia / heart attack risk? (ask him)

and yes, you can, not eat with the kids - you just need to look so busy that they do not clock you are not eating
my kids to years to realise that I don't eat breakfast wink

come natter on the big thread as there are many compulsive / emotional eaters who can relate to your situation

ernesttheBavarian Fri 17-Jan-14 20:25:32

Du just thinks it's a mad fad diet and thinks fasting is unhealthy and bonkers so v against. He looses weight easily though. He took up cycling and has lost many kilos without altering food.

I am a ta and have to take my class to the school canteen and have lunch with then every Tuesday and every other Wednesday. It's not like my dc at home where I can also just be too busy or whatever. I have to sit with 4 tables of kids and show a good example by eating up.

Wednesday is in theory the best as I only work half day. Other wise Thursday and Friday but it's supposed to be non consecutive days isn't it?

Thanks for the link will have a look. Well done on 3 successful fasts.

My tummy feels uncomfortably stuffed. Groan

BsshBossh Fri 17-Jan-14 23:18:47

Why not fast Mondays and Thursdays?

ernesttheBavarian Sat 18-Jan-14 06:50:34

I guess cos I work a full day on Mondays and thanks to a hapless English teacher many a year ago I have real weird phobia panic about people hearing my tummy rumble. I know it sounds silly and no one else seems to care, but it causes me real stress and panic and I have to avoid places which are really quiet. Was terrible as a student. I didn't worry about the exams itself, just about being locked in a silent room with other people. Many a panic attack there.

mscnile Sat 18-Jan-14 07:10:33

Ernest I find fasting on a busy, full working day much easier than doing it when I'm at home, try it on Monday, have drinks to keep you going, take soup for lunch? Good luck! Oh, and my dh was sceptical but has now joined me, also a cyclist!

frenchfancy Sat 18-Jan-14 07:48:44

ernest I'm pretty sure my tummy doesn't rumble more on a fast day than a non-fast day. Maybe in the first couple of weeks but your body gets used to it.

Some may think it is a fad diet, but I've been on it almost 18 months now and it has changed my life. Remember this is the only life you get, don't waste any more of it being unhealthy. It is not up to you DH when you eat or don't eat. Obviously it is easier if you get his support, but don't let that stop you doing this.

ernesttheBavarian Sat 18-Jan-14 07:48:51

I guess it makes sense to fast on a working day. I am always really busy and on my feet all day and love my job so much it just flies by. But really freak out about the tummy rumbling thing. Maybe I'll give it a go on Monday. Gulp. Thanks for the encouragement.

ernesttheBavarian Sat 18-Jan-14 07:55:56

I should say, dh is wonderful and only concerned for me. I was dx last year with coeliac disease and he's very concerned about what I eat and my health. He gets irate if he thinks I'm not looking after myself or even if I bake a cake with normal flour cos he thinks I should be able to share in the fruits of my labours.

Weirdly as I was dx I had to immediately give up all things with gluten - bread, pasta, biscuits, cake, most chocolate etc etc and it's easy. My brain just tells me it's bad and I have no desire to eat it, no temptation whatsoever. I had the same with smoking. I tried for years to give up but was totally addicted. As soon as I found out I was pg I lost all desire for cigarettes and have never smoked one since (15 years now).

So why can't my brain use this amazing skill for sugar/ the 4 pm binge? I guess it would just be too easy then hmm

frenchfancy Sat 18-Jan-14 11:30:00

ernest take a look at the fasting forum. There are some others doing 5:2 with coeliac on there.

It might help your DH to see others doing well.

TalkinPeace Sat 18-Jan-14 14:18:07

why does your DH think fasting is unhealthy?
5:2 is just the latest - and easiest - incarnation
but intermittent fasting has medical evidence to support it going back 100 years ....
and millions of Muslims seem to cope

ernesttheBavarian Sat 18-Jan-14 22:07:24

thanks for the link. I doubt I will convince dh. he's away this we so had a successful fast day today.

Do people generally stick always to the same days or just vary it ?

BetsyBell Sat 18-Jan-14 22:22:57

Re. fasting at work: I work in a school too and have to eat lunch with the children. I just take a salad of mostly leaves, maybe some veg, ham or boiled egg all dressed in lemon juice, yogurt and pepper. At the most it's 150 calories, often less. I barely notice hunger at work as I'm so busy.

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