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Help starting 5:2 - few Qs.

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chickchickchickenkeeper Sun 22-Sep-13 14:26:01

Thank you smile

Breadandwine Sat 21-Sep-13 01:32:29

Hi chick

There are several threads about diabetes and 5:2/fasting on the 52fastdiet forum. Here's one of them:

If you stick 'diabetes' in the search box on there, you'll get quite a few hits.

Tips right about not needing to buy a book - save your money. All the info you'll ever need is on these two forums - Mumsnet and 52fastdiet.


Talkinpeace Fri 20-Sep-13 20:50:47

Do not bother with a book.
These threads were here before any of the books - some of us even got mentions in Michael Mosely's website!

Have a look at the tips and hints thread and then dive headlong into the big thread : its a happy place

AngieM2 Thu 19-Sep-13 20:22:31

I can help a bit with the night thing. On my last night I have my last food around 5am then go home to bed (at 8ish). Get up around 2-3pm and either don't eat at all (back in bed at 10pm) or eat something like a boiled eggs/omellette and salad or dutch crispbread things around tea time. I then try to go through to lunch time the next day so it's a very easy 37 hours with little or no food.

chickchickchickenkeeper Thu 19-Sep-13 16:42:43

I keep hearing people telling me how good they feel on this so I would like to start. I have had a look at some websites but not bought any books (yet). I am 26, Type 2 Diabetic, have a BMI of 39.9 and work 3 nights a week (12hr shifts). I have started swimming, and increasing how long/far I walk the dog.

Got a few Qs smile

What book/s would you recommend?

Being diabetic - any specific tips on what to eat or avoid?

Nights - is this going to make it harder?

Think thats it smile

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