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Starting 5:2 today (2nd Sept) - anyone want to join me?

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BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 07:31:13

So I'm fasting today for the first time. I'm not expecting it to be pleasant envy grin

I've planned to have raspberries for breakfast, homemade soup for lunch and grilled chicken with veg for tea.
I'm also planning to drink lots of water. I'm going to give dc a cooked lunch so that when I'm really hungry I'm not cooking their tea!

Let the fasting commence!

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 10:10:46

Me!!! I'm starting today too. No breakfast. Homemade soup for lunch and chicken salad for tea grin
And lots and lots of water!

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 12:37:54

How are you feeling mrsL?! My soup is boiling as I type!

I was feeling really rough about 1/2 hour ago but some water and a slice of carrot (tragic!) has helped.

I am hungry but lots to do this afternoon so hope that will distract me!

I'm trying this with my chicken this evening
spicy cauliflower rice

Disey58 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:08:44

Today has arrived the first day of the 5.2 diet. Support needed as my husband has decided to join me and half a tin of soup for his lunch is not what he is use too. Looking forward to salmon tonight :-) anyone found an good app that lists calories in food

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 13:38:19

My fitness pal is brilliant for recording calories.

I've just eaten a massive bowl of homemade soup but no-one has told my stomach which is still protesting madly that is is starving grin

Good luck Disey.

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 13:58:08

Hi!! Feeling ok, had my soup about an hour ago, very hungry at the moment, thinking that might be psychological though as its not that long since I ate!
Have a feeling I will be going to bed very early tonight wink

GoodtoBetter Mon 02-Sep-13 14:12:19

I've done this on and off a bit but have been off the wagon since about June. Have started today. So far I've had 2 coffees and a cup of tea and a small portion of sausage casserole with hardly any sausage smile I am eating the same as DCs within reason but small portions and making that my main meal.

Was wondering whether to try a bit of Low Carbing on the other days?

Youcanringmybell Mon 02-Sep-13 14:47:47

Yup I started today. I have done the odd week here and there but now I have decided is the time to make it a way of life.
I have hit 185 pounds sad
I need to be 160 maximum so I have a battle. However, my first target is to get to 179 pounds.

Today I have had 3 coffees. I am starving but it serves me right for being such a pig angry
Tonight I have a WW meal and some strawberries.

Tomorrow will be about 1800cals and then I can crack down and fast on Weds and Friday as well. I have to do 4:3 for atleast a month first to make some headway.

GoodtoBetter Mon 02-Sep-13 15:13:47

Hello, youcanringmybell I have done this twice before and the time I did 4:3 I lost really well, I'm thinking I might do 4:3 at least the first couple of weeks.

Youcanringmybell Mon 02-Sep-13 15:35:54

That's good news! I go back to work this week so for week days I shouldn't be too bad at all as will be too busy to think about it. I have deliberately chosen to fast on a Friday because that can be one of my worst days of the week as I have wine a chocolate on a Friday through to Sunday. I can cut one of those days out now!

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 17:14:41

Oh I have a nasty headache now, despite drink a lot sad
Very hungry. Guessing the first few fast days are always rough though since my body is used to receiving triple (and the rest) the amount of food blush

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 17:16:02

Was ravenous earlier, but actually feeling not too bad now. Think it might be because its nearly tea time :-)

Disey58 Mon 02-Sep-13 18:26:41

Thank you will have a look. Was doing ok but now ravenous can't wait for dinner used the recipe from The Hairy Dieters Book had it before and it's delicious. :-)

BlackberriesAhoy Mon 02-Sep-13 19:32:32

Which recipe? I have that book but haven't used it yet.

Cauliflower rice was very disappointing sad

SauvignonBlanche Mon 02-Sep-13 19:45:43

I started today, will fast tomorrow.
I have a lot to lose so should I be doing 4:3?

Disey58 Mon 02-Sep-13 21:37:45

The salmon with ginger and chilli have done a few of the recipes all of which have been good the prawn curry is very delicious

mrslurkalot Mon 02-Sep-13 21:54:50

Hunger seems to come in waves. Off to bed now. Dreaming of ��

coveredinweetabix Mon 02-Sep-13 22:20:06

Today was my first day and its been OK. I didn't have the best preparation for it as I had a massive lunch yesterday and then ate some of the children's leftovers when they had their tea (about 5pm) so I started my fast earlier than I usually would as I'd normally have dinner. I had a banana around 11, lunch a couple of hours later and then a kiwi at 9pm. I regretted the kiwi as it was too sugary and, having felt OKish all day, I suddenly felt really odd. I've been shredding for the past few weeks but thought that that would be too much tonight.
I'm planning in fasting again on Friday. I'm about to go to bed now and will probably dream about the massive bowl of porridge I'm going to have for breakfast!
I'm 5'4" and weigh 11st4. I want to get down to 10st6 to be a healthy BMI.

BlackberriesAhoy Tue 03-Sep-13 06:22:11

Anyone else ridiculously glad they can eat again today?!
As you'll all gather from my posts I found yesterday really hard. I think I need a decent evening meal plan for fasting days. Fruit and soup were fine for two meals but my evening meal was gross! Chicken was nice (had marinated in a little oil, lime, ginger, sweet chilli and lemongrass) the cauliflower was ICK! I think I need to fine some really low fat 'normal' foods as opposed to these dieting substitutes.
I'm really hoping that fasting will get easier each time because if it as horrid as yesterday this won't be the eating plan for me sad
I'm not giving up though! Think I will fast again on Thursday.

bekind Tue 03-Sep-13 08:30:04

I'm planning my first fast day tomorrow and that is going to include and M &S ready meal for tea (fish masala at 355 cals) as I love cooking and am guilty of too many taste tests so feel that a ready meal is less tempting. Had a go at the 5:2 at the start of Summer but found that school holidays disrupted my plans in a nice way. Now I'm back at work I think the structure will help. Definitely benefit from drinking lots more water and having a plan for the day.

coveredinweetabix Tue 03-Sep-13 09:20:38

OMG I am hungry today. And just devouring food. I have had a massive bowl of porridge with fruit compote and then, as soon as I got to my desk, had to eat a cereal bar. I think in future I'll try to break my fast before leaving the house at 7 rather than waiting until I get to work at 9.
TMI alert but I am feeling really constipated and bloated. Anyone else? Whilst feeling bloated, my stomach is looking a lot flatter than it did on Sunday.
Next fast day on Friday.

AngieM2 Tue 03-Sep-13 11:42:14

Well done to the first day fasters. Ive been doing this for 8 weeks but just had 2 weeks off and yesterday was my first fast. Was ok, it gets easier. I only eat once (about 7pm). I find that as soon as you eat the hunger is worse. Ive just had a cereal bar (11.30) so im really happy to have consumed 450 calories during my 38 hour fast. ! Good luck to todays fasters.

goandshowdaddy Tue 03-Sep-13 12:11:15

I've just started today. Had a bowl of branflakes and 2 cups of tea already. Now trying to plan what to eat for the rest of the day. Any ideas? So far, I've used up 196 calories - so only 304 left for the rest of the day - eek!

Youcanringmybell Tue 03-Sep-13 12:36:33

Thanks Angie - so nice for people to come forward that have been doing it for a while!
I am eating today - feel like I can eat less so that is good. I will be fasting again tomorrow which I am unsure of but will just crack on!!

Chilli beef and noodles tonight with something yummy for pudding.

tedmundo Tue 03-Sep-13 13:26:55

Hi, I will join in if that's ok?

I don't have huge amount to lose but a flabby bloated tum is really starting to get me down. I have never really dieted but I think as I get older I won't be able to eat the way I did in my twenties!

Today is a fast day and my head is thumping. 1 egg and small slice of ham has kept the wolf from the door but I am looking forward to dinner. Spaghetti Bol with no spag and lots of salad.

Good luck everyone.

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