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I've started 5:2 and 30 day shred and blogilates today - just want to share!

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joshandjamie Tue 27-Aug-13 19:17:29

I have actually done 30 day shred loads of times before but I need to lose a stone. I had one fast day last week but then had to go away for the bank holiday weekend and it wasn't conducive to fasting.

But first day back and I am determined. My calories totalled 394 today (I might have a little snack later) and I did level 1 of 30 day shred and day 2 of the blogilates beginner work out calendar. Oh, and I cycled 6.5 miles.

I didn't really feel hungry but did have a stonking headache despite drinking loads of water.

My food today was:
apple mid morning after shred and pilates

Lunch: one slice of ham, one small hard boiled egg on a handful of rocket dressed with a squeeze of lemon juice

Then the cycle.

Dinner: those zero noodles (8cals) with broc, red peppers, carrot, green beans, onion and courgette, stir fried in one tsp of olive oil with one tsp of thai curry paste and 1tbsp of teriyaki sauce (as out of soy). According to the calorie counter I am using, that came in at just 174 cals - and I couldn't finish it!

15g of dry weetabix mini chocolate because my son was eating them and I couldn't resist and I had some calories to spare.

It was hard but manageable and I hoping it gets easier.

Hambleton Wed 11-Sep-13 08:49:53

What are zero noodles joshandjamie? You sound very active. And more determined than me. 5:2 starts today however. Wish me luck

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