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Fast diet success stories please

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blurredlines Sun 25-Aug-13 17:23:46

Got the book. Done the shopping and starting my first Fast day tomorrow. Please share your success stories with me because I have no will power and need the motivation!

BellaVita Sun 25-Aug-13 17:41:17

You will be fine honestly.

I didn't have much to lose, 7lb or so and it took a while. It is not a quick fix diet if that's what you are looking for.

I would set up MyFitnessPal first. It will ask you various questions like what do you weigh now, what would you like to weigh and it will give you an amount of estimated calories you need to eat each day (on the 5 days), then you log everything you eat each day and it will tell you his many calories each piece of food is. It is quite an eye opener - who knew that a pack of veg stir fry is something like 135 cals.

On fast days I have a pot of 0% Total yog with a handful of raspberries which I have at lunchtime (from getting up till lunch I will have one coffee with skimmed milk and lots of peppermint tea). For tea I will have a smaller portion of what everyone else is having or a weight watchers meal or a can of soup or scrambled eggs.

What is your menu for tomorrow?

blurredlines Sun 25-Aug-13 17:48:51

Thanks for your help bella!
I am planning scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and roasted veg for dinner. All from the book !

BellaVita Sun 25-Aug-13 17:53:30

Mmmmm sounds delicious!

I do have the book, downloaded it on holiday a couple of weeks ago and then my kindle broke. I did have my iPad but it was difficult to read in the sunlight. I bought another kindle yesterday so will be having a proper look through the recipes.

postmanpatscat Mon 26-Aug-13 09:10:28

good luck! Do join us on thread 26, we are very friendly smile

I've lost 2st in six months, most of that in the first three or four months as I wasn't expecting to lose more.

Meerka Mon 26-Aug-13 21:58:05

I've had the same experience - 6 months, lost 2stone / 14kg. Gone from juuuust Obese to juuust normal. First diet, didn't even try others becuase I knew I woudlnt be able to keep to them. This is only 2 days in the week though.

It is not easy; anyone who tells you weight loss is easy is trying to get money from ya. But it -is- rewarding. The days themselves are a strain at first but the good news is that .. well there's lots, actually.

1) you start to -taste- food more. it smells better, it tastes better and you appreciate it more. real sensory experience

2) you wake up the next morning and oddly, you aren't starving.

3) it is soooo nice loosing the weight. you feel better. I assume you're a parent; I've just realised that I've lost 14kg which is the weight of my little boy, who gets pretty darn heavy to carry around pretty quick. I've lost the weight of my son!

The weight loss slows down, but that's okay. Don't push yourself too hard. it gets too hard then. And eat a good meal the night before, without actually pigging out.

In the end, if it succeeds depends on if you want to loose weight enough not to cheat. I did, and I also started swimming aroudn the same time ( Im sure the speed of weight loss comes half-and-half from diet and swimming). Bit of exercise + diet = unbeatable. Except for your bank balance, a whole new wardrobe wasn't cheap.

Since, shockingly, I found out I'm preg again last week after giving up all hope for years, I've called a halt to the 5/2 diet reluctantly. Not as reluctantly as giving up wine, but still reluctantly. I miss it already; for all the hard days, it's only one day and the sheer delicious taste of food after a diet day, plus the weight loss, is a real nice thing.

mamamidwife Mon 26-Aug-13 22:11:32

I lost about 6 kg before Christmas last year, it took about 2 months, but I have a lot to lose and I did stop at Christmas to enjoy the festive season. I planned to restart but as yet haven't! But I did find my appetite got smaller on the fast diet which was a good thing for me. And I havent regained the weight I lost, also good, and I'm terrible at exercising! I would thoroughly recommend.
I would usually have a coffee or 2 for breakfast, an egg for lunch or salad. Or 0% total yog with berries. In the evening I would often have a soup (and a piece if bread depending on calories already consumed in the day)

iluvbananas Mon 26-Aug-13 22:26:23

Been doing it since April and lost about a stone. Just had 3 week break as been on hols and ate & drank to excess but only put on 2lbs! Think my appetite has shrunk which is good cos I hate leaving food & portion sizes were my problem. To start with I'd need breakfast. After a while I just had lunch & dinner - soup then something bit more substantial later. Now I try & get thro til 5 or 6 pm with only hot drinks, fizzy water & miso/bouillon to drink. Have 400 caps for dinner in evening & snack of flavoured popcorn before bed to help me get to sleep. Struggled to sleep through hunger at the beginning but sleep really well now. Other benefits aside from weight loss - my pmt is loads better, my moods are more even, my skin & eyes Are clearer, my digestion is better. I intend to do more exercise in the week when the kids are back at school to speed up weight loss - bmi still just over 25 and I want to get into healthy weight range/size 12 whichever comes first. I love food and baking/cooking so this diet is great as I don't miss anything unlike WW where I was constantly fed up with being deprived. Fasting today and made myself big veg curry for tea with lentils & had yogurt & lime pickle on the side. Just had my popcorn & cup of tea & off to bed - I'm defo still hungry but its manageable. Looking forward to my milky coffee & breakfast tomorrow!

iluvbananas Mon 26-Aug-13 22:28:53

Sorry meant cals not caps - predictive text aaaggghh

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