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Can you/do you work out on fast days?

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Spanglemum Sun 25-Aug-13 16:47:19

I'm new to this, planning to go at it properly when school holidays finish. I like going to the gym and working out. I would normally burn about 500 cals. Would it be ok to do that on a fast day?

Sorry if this is obvious


Fingerbobs Sun 25-Aug-13 19:03:48

Hi there, I've run for an hour which would be about 5-600 cals - I think that's the most I'd do, though, and I do it in the evening after I've eaten. I have done 35 mins on a cross-trainer in the morning, although depressingly despite being knackering that was only 250 cals so I admire your gym ability!- I tend to save all my cals til the evening. So the short answer: yes, I think it's possible.

AngieM2 Sun 25-Aug-13 19:27:19

Yes, definitely, have done a 2 hour session and the same the next morning (though less energy the morning after).

BellaVita Sun 25-Aug-13 19:29:52

Yes I do.
I have worked out on both mornings and afternoons of fast days. Prefer mornings tbh.

CockyFox Sun 25-Aug-13 19:38:15

I can go for a run on the morning of a fast day but if I do I struggle later in the day and generally need an early night, so I tend not to.

postmanpatscat Mon 26-Aug-13 09:08:34

I usually do, ideally exercise first thing and fast until dinner, but on a work day I have to exercise in the evening and eat really late which is not much fun. I do what I feel like, whether it's a 10k run or 40 mins on the elliptical trainer.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Tue 27-Aug-13 12:11:05

I always work out fasting, whether its a FD or not.

frenchfancy Tue 27-Aug-13 16:13:28

I run on fast days, generally before eating (so about 22 hours after having eaten). No problems, if anything I prefer it to running on NFDs.

Spanglemum Mon 02-Sep-13 13:42:51

Thanks everyone. Sorry I went away for a few days so mumsnet and fasting fell apart. Back on it now though...


mumblechum1 Mon 02-Sep-13 13:43:42

Yes, I also do my normal Zumba hour on fast days.

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