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How long before you lose weight on 5:2?

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classifiedinformation Thu 22-Aug-13 08:29:02

I am about to do my second fast day today, and was just wondering how long it was before people saw results. I have been swimming every evening and have been walking instead of taking the car. I appear to have gained a pound since last week.

I haven't counted calories on NFD, but haven't gone mad either and do far more exercise than I ever have before. Tips gratefully received.

TrucksAndDinosaurs Fri 23-Aug-13 01:56:11

I find logging everything on my fitness pal helps: not forever but to work out if I'm under or over estimating how much I eat. After six weeks I have completely reevaluated how
much food I eat. And lost a stone: I thought I ate healthy before but heh. Nope.

and eating leftover DC food was worst culprit. I am not a bin

fussychica Fri 23-Aug-13 12:55:03

Lucky you - I've been on the fast diet for 6 weeks and haven't lost anything. My husband says stop - I don't want to put weight on so am thinking of sticking with it but I was hoping/expecting to loose at least 2 kilos by now. Like most of the men who try it he lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks.envy
I don't find it difficult fasting but think I might when it gets colder.

classifiedinformation Fri 23-Aug-13 18:46:42

It seems to me that dieting isn't as easy as expending more calories than you eat. I am deffo eating much less and exercising more and still nothing.

I tried mfp and it made me so obsessed with food that I decided to stop, I was literally scared to eat and dreaded every meal time.

fussychica Sat 24-Aug-13 11:58:08

Me too - have been doing loads of walking and never snack. I'm 56 and 5'4" -not fat but could definitely do with dropping some weight. I wonder if it's age/sex related as men and younger people seem more successful on this regime. Not sure what more I can dosad.

dufflefluffle Sat 24-Aug-13 12:06:44

I lost roughly one pound a week. I am about half a stone over weight (over my usual/comfortable weight - about one and a half over the weight I'd love to be) doing two/two and a half (i usually cave towards the end of the third day) fast days a week. I would be reasonably fit and active too.

cathelli Wed 28-Aug-13 08:32:38

Hi -Ive never posted before! I have tried 5:2 for about 5 weeks while DS with his dad for august. Ive lost maybe 2kg max, at 5ft 1 I was 60kg. I do feel much better and clothes looser but bit sad I havent lost that stubborn half stone! maybe it is men who have the dramatic loss!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 28-Aug-13 08:36:46

I did read an article on this suggesting that it is much more successful for men than women, generally.

It seems to have some effect on menstrual cycle and other hormonal things which can knock a female system out of balance.

My DH is on week two of this, he has now done 3 fast days. He hasn't lost any weight yet but he has lost bulk around his middle.

JonesH Wed 28-Aug-13 10:38:32

I would say within a month you should see some changes, some may be more drastic as you could loose a lot more at the start then slowly the amount of pounds will become less, but it definitely works!

postmanpatscat Thu 29-Aug-13 07:08:24

It worked quite quickly for me...I started at 63.7kg (10st 0.5lbs) in feb half term and hit my initial target of 8st 10 in early May so less than 12 weeks. I run around 3 times a week, sometimes 4. I'm now 51kg (8st 0.5 so 2st lighter).

IsleOfRight Thu 29-Aug-13 07:24:43

I lost about half a stone in first three weeks. Been doing for 10 weeks now and weight loss totally slowed but shape def changing and clothes much looser round middle.

classifiedinformation Thu 29-Aug-13 20:24:32

My DP says I look a bit more toned, but have only lost 2lbs so far. 4th fast day today and initially felt awful, but feeling better now. I have breakfast as I just can't skip it, but just about to finish work and will not be eating until tomorrow.

Definitely under 500 cals today but feel bloated because I have just come on. Does anyone find fast days harder when having a period?

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