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Newbie would like help and advice and wisdom! Be nice!

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TheAwfulDaughter Tue 20-Aug-13 02:08:34

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TheAwfulDaughter Tue 20-Aug-13 09:45:44

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MelanieCheeks Tue 20-Aug-13 13:51:30

A few comments on what you've written.

Never mind what other people on WW do, any diet is down to what YOU put into YOUR body, and finding something that works for YOU.

Lots of water is good, especially on fast days, as you aren't getting the usual amount of liquid you can get through food. I've never found the need to be very sepcific about exactly how many litres - enough that you are going to the loo frequently, and your pee is a pale colour.

Your self restraint - do you think you'll be able to say "I'll have that galaxy.....tomorrow". If so, then 5:2 will be a breeze.

Grazing all day - the calories are the important factor for weight loss, but the other health benefits of fasting come from going for longer periods of time between meals. I'd say start the process with your grazing approach, but be open to changing that over time.

Start with 5:2, keep the 4:3 up your sleeve for now.

Give it time before you assess whether its working or not, especially if you are changing contraception as well. That's a lot for your body to handle.

Oh, and have a good read of the information threads on here - lots of excellent links and suggestions.

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